Levin: ‘The Democrat Party is a very satanic political organization’

Fox News host Mark Levine described the Democrats’ agenda in Sunday’s “Life, Liberty and Levine” as a hazy screen with their 3.5 3.5 trillion bill.

Democrats are campaigning for a broader bill that includes some form of social reform, but the bill has caused divisions within the party. Crowds of opinions from progressive to moderate Democrats within the party have created one obstacle after another in the discussion. Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va, said his spending limit was $ 1.5 trillion. Vermont Sen, on the other hand.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie says she does not believe President Joe Biden will receive the full 3.5 trillion.

“I keep listening to Nancy Pelosi and others: if we don’t vote to raise the ceiling, what will happen is that the full trust and credit of the United States will be lost because we will default on our debt … these are more scary tactics, and Democrats are always this. That’s what they do to change this country, to advance their agenda, “Levine said.

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He went on to refute claims that the United States would pay its dues.

“First of all we’re not going to default on our debt service. Here’s why: the government stops or continues – you keep paying your taxes. The Treasury collects your taxes through the IRS. Up to about 20 320 billion per month. So I went and I see. Which part of it goes to debt service every month? Approximately $ 44 billion.

He wanted to know if the US government would get 20 320 billion, billion 44 billion for services. “

Levin points out another inconsistency that he has found. According to Levin, this was “another bald-headed lie” when Democrats expressed concern about the lack of funding to cover expenses from the previous administration. “That money has already run out. To increase the debt limit, we are talking about forward spending on additional programs.

According to Levin, the motivation for raising the debt limit is to “pay.” [the Democrats’] Comprehensive, comprehensive restructuring of society, redistribution of resources and imposition of their socialist agenda. “

Levine added that Democrats hold “every basic idea you can possibly think of” related to critical race theory, climate change, or the weakening of the capitalist system. He added that money would be allocated to “fundamentalist community activist groups”, which would actually help Democrats win the election.

“They are going to create an army of electoral volunteers. So in every election they will be there and they will thank you for subsidizing you, influencing the outcome of an election,” he said. “I’ve told you before: the Democrats are a very evil political organization. It supported slavery, it supported secession, it led Jim Crowe. They don’t accept Americanism. Now they claim it’s American Marxism. And they lie.” , And their media surrogate lies. “

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Levine warned that spending at this level is volatile and puts future generations at risk.

“We’re taking the country out and vice versa for the next generation. A catastrophe. We already have inflation, commodity shortages, rising gas and food prices. Can you think of adding a few trillion dollars to that?”

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