Leftist comedian Russell Brand: Trump was right about Hillary and Russia

Liberal comedian and actor Russell Brand says Donald Trump was “shocked” to learn that Hillary Clinton and Democrats were right behind Russia’s larger fictional conversation that plagued the former president and his campaign for years.

Brand, who has made his name in Hollywood movies Take him to the Greek And Forgetting the whole marshal, Described himself as “certainly not a Trump supporter.”

Comedian Michael Susman posted a video after learning of the allegations, a lawyer who previously represented the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and has ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election.

Susman was supposed to show evidence of secret contacts between President Trump and the then-candidate for Russia.

The New York Times reported that the FBI would eventually determine “those concerns had no merit” and that Susman was accused of lying to the FBI when she insisted she was not providing information on behalf of any client.

The complaint states that in reality Susman knew she was “working for specific clients, such as Tech Executive-1 and the Clinton Campaign.”

Brand indicated that he was shocked to learn that “it was the Clinton campaign and the Hillary Clinton accolades that directly involved the generation that proved to be the conspiracy.”

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Russell Brand admits that Trump was wrongly defamed

The brand pointed out to its viewers that the conspiracy theory of the Russian conflict, which is now definitely linked to the Clinton campaign, was also very strongly driven by the mainstream media.

“We have to remember how prevalent this story was,” Brand said. “Every late night talk show, all over the news, it was just-you were bombarded with it.”

The comedian said that the story of the Russian conflict was not something he paid much attention to, but it did directly affect Trump in his re-election bid in 2020.

“It was such that it was discussed as if it were just a perfect truth,” Brand lamented.

“It’s kind of frustrating to discover that it’s propaganda, a structure, a confectionery of the Democratic Party – which of course is in government now – because you start asking questions and asking if other things may not be true.”

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The brand of media censorship in the behavior of democrats

Russell Brand raised eyebrows a few months ago when he was on Trump’s side on election day over the censorship of the Hunter Biden scandal.

Big Tech censored and removed an article in the New York Post about emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Emails appearing to discuss film business transactions with foreign companies using his father’s influence as vice president.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey later admitted that the move was wrong when he testified before the Senate. Politico confirmed the story of the Hunter laptop last week, almost a year after it was shut down by the media.

“For me, the revelation that there are financial connections between energy companies in Ukraine, Chinese energy companies and the Biden family is worrying. It should be universal knowledge, ”Brand said in a similar video last May.

“And it’s even more worrying that Twitter, and Facebook and the media deliberately kept it out of the news because they didn’t want it to affect the election,” Brand said.

The comedian suggested that Democrats and attempts to suppress media information were annoying.

“Look at the media, social media and the relationships between those groups,” he said. “They conspired to keep information away from you because it was not in their agenda.”

To quote Bruce Willis Die hard, “Welcome to the party, friend.”

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