Lee’s Legendary World Wins 2021 Opening Match Ale’s Monster Jacques Wins for LNG

The opening match of the League of Legends World 2021 has finally come to an end and it has lived up to every part of expectations.

LNG Sports (Li-Ning Gaming) and HLE (Hanva Life Sports) pitted against each other and all eyes were on the team to carry the name of the region. The game lifted the heat from the draft stage because Trindameyer and Jacques were some of the champions that no one expected.

HLE’s ‘Mid’ Chavi (Jeong Ji-hun) showed some good performances with Trindamir but in the end LNG’s ‘Top’ Ale (Hu Jia-le) turned the game around with his monstrous Jax.

The loss of HLE reflects what most analysts had hoped for before the League of Legends World 2021

The match between HLE and LNG was certainly excellent from a spectator’s point of view. There were some unique champions, some really amazing dramas and the players that everyone expected, they performed quite well.

However, it was LNG that won, as Ale was completely irresistible with her Jax. Jax is a champion who can literally go against three or four and come out on top. That’s exactly what happened when Ale finished the game with a 6/0/8 scoreline.

However, this match reflected the problem that most analysts expected from HLE. HLE is a team that relies heavily on Chavi’s performance. In this case, he could not carry his team because Ale was fed too early.

Other than that, HLE’s top Morgan (Park Gi-Tae) finished the match with a 0/4/0 scoreline and it hit the team a lot. In addition, LNG’s ability to capture Ocean Soul makes the killing harder and allows him to snowball the game. It just shows the difference in impact and is something that HLE will have to work on in future matches.

So far, LNG has had a win on the board and Ale’s performance will surely give a lot of confidence to the entire League of Legends roster. Needless to say, though, this opening match set the tone for the League of Legends World 2021.

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