LeBron James says the Lakers Big 3 is now known as the ‘360’

LeBron is back on Media Day.

LeBron is back on Media Day.
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Now that NBA Media Day is officially in the books, it’s time for training camp, which means the 2021-22 season is quite close. The Los Angeles Lakers had a second day for themselves and even treated us to lots of photos and some fun moments. Captain LeBron James of the ship The new nickname of the Big 3s: 360 was kind enough to give us a visual peek.

I’m not sure how 36060 ranks with “The Hitles”, but we’ll see how this name tests longevity. With the announcement that they will win multiple championships in this Big 3, at least no one went out of their way this time.

The whole crew was feeling the vibration during the Media Day photo shoot part. Looks like this group actually likes each other (for now). We will know how everything is going in January. One of the cool group shots of Media Day, a potential guess is 5 + 1 starting which could become an iconic picture. They look the same An athlete bootleg U-Tang dynasty The film stars Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Rajan Rondo, Anthony Davis and King James.

In addition to Davis, the players in this film have been very close since the beginning of the end of their careers. And Davis wasn’t exactly known as the Iron Man during his NBA career, and he’s not even 30 years old. The The biggest hurdle for this version of the Lakers will be health and management minutes for seniors In this team.

We know that James has not been happy to see all the slander and jokes he has made at the expense of the team over the past few months. Like LeBron or not, the age of some important part of this team will be a topic of discussion throughout the season. King James wants everyone to maintain the same “descriptive power” when you start.

That same energy will be used throughout the season. I can assure you of that. James and the Lakers should be concerned with producing enough energy to reach the finish line this season. A few months ago in the first round of the playoffs the Lakers stretched limo and came to a halt. We’ll find out soon whether all these new parts were worth it, or if the Lakers invested in a lemon.

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