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Leah McCourt has fought through Covid-1 through, but she is running to win five fights with Jelica Borgar at the London showdown on Friday night to reach the Belfast residents.

McCourt (5-1) picked up an impressive win over John Harding in May, recovering from the competition’s first setback and winning through a triangle choke in the middle of the second round.

But that performance denied a build-up best by the coronavirus-infected health problem.

“I don’t feel the impact of it [COVID-19] Now, but I’ve been doing it for a few months now, and it didn’t really affect my breathing, which was lucky because I had asthma, but my energy and my fitness were different areas of nervousness and total fatigue throughout the camp, “McCourt said. Sky Sports.

“There was no doctor’s advice that you talked to. Everyone has different symptoms. And it was definitely scary. Definitely. But it’s over and over but it was tough during the camp and war weeks.”

McCourt returned to the London cage on Friday night

McCourt’s prominence has grown rapidly and he has reflected, bringing irresistible pressure compared to his experience in the cage. He has only fought for the seventh time this weekend, but has already earned star status as a belter.

“I still feel like I have a lot to show and a lot to grow, and each of my fights is at a massive level. It’s like I didn’t have time to mature and develop as a fighter.”

“I always go to the main card or the main event, or some high pressure environment where you feel the burden on the shoulders of the world. Where I didn’t feel comfortable and was able to go inside and just fight I know, I can.”

Not that McCourt is complaining about his profile and believes he adjusted his mental state to stay calm in the chaos of war.

He said: “I know I’m very lucky to have all this opportunity, but it’s my belief in myself and I feel comfortable when I go inside and I think it’s going to happen on October 1st.”

Leah McCourt - Bellator MMA
Belfast faces Native American Jessica Borger (3-3)

McCourt is certainly looking forward to a win against his American opponent Borgher – who lost and entered the competition and has a -3- of record in his MMA career. McCourt’s confidence thwarted his plan Borga and then asked for a slot on Bellatore’s Dublin card on 5 November.

“When I win, I’ll grab the mic and say, ‘Guys, I’ll be fresh.’

“You’ve got James (Gallagher) and Peter (Quilli) at the main and co-main events, both great fights and I can’t wait for them to shine. Dublin has the best, the best crowd, it’s going to be good . “

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