Leading small business groups claim Philibuster curve out for the right to vote

An alliance of the country’s leading small businesses is demanding to carve out a filibuster to pass the right to vote.

Small businesses claim the Philibuster curve out for the right to vote

The coalition, which represents the country’s 400,000 small businesses, wrote in a statement to Politicus USA:

Since January 1, 2021, at least 18 states have enacted more than 30 laws that have deliberately barred free, safe, and equal voting. Polling reveals that entrepreneurs, especially people of color, feel disadvantaged in the political system and want fair access to lawmakers and votes that affect their livelihoods.

To avoid the impact of this disastrous suffrage on our democracy and the damage to our economy, led small businesses collectively represent our country’s nearly 400,000 small businesses – the majority of small businesses, the American Sustainable Business Council, and the Main Street Alliance – The rules, proposed by Representative James Cliburn, are to start a debate on our right to vote and then pass the Freedom of the Vote Act. All Americans deserve equal access to the vote, and a healthy democracy and economy is predicted to allow all voices to influence the political process.

Small businesses need a prosperous democracy to thrive.

“Today’s failure of the U.S. Senate to start a debate on the Freedom of the Vote Act is disappointing news for voting entrepreneurs,” he said. John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority. “Protecting the right to vote for all Americans, especially those marginalized, is important for creating a just path for entrepreneurship and an inclusive economy.”

Small business is a path to opportunity and a way out of poverty for millions of Americans. I should know because I am one of those Americans. Small business is a small piece of the American dream that provides an important backbone for the local economy.

The country’s small businesses know that without democracy, capitalism cannot truly develop, and that is why they are calling on the Senate to protect the right to vote.

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