LD Capital establishes $ 50M FOF to support high quality blockchain funds worldwide including 1kx-Press Release Bitcoin News

Press release. LD Capital It has announced the establishment of a 50 50 million FOF to support high-quality blockchain funding worldwide. In addition to financial support, hundreds of projects invested by LD Capital will be shared as assets in participatory funds such as post-investment services such as strategic consulting, market growth and capital relations to enable outstanding blockchain projects.

LD Capital has invested in well-known global funds such as FOF 1kx, Kraken Ventures, Republic, Shima Capital, Big Time Eco-fund, Signum Capital, and Hero Ventures. LD Capital FOF will continue to invest in top-level blockchain funds globally, reach strategic collaborations with more outstanding funds, enable excellent blockchain projects, and encourage the development of the blockchain industry.

LD Capital is a leading crypto fund for investing and trading in the primary and secondary markets, whose sub-funds include Dedicated Eco Fund, FOF and Hedge Fund.

Due to industrial resources and professional investment and research team, LD Capital has continuously discovered and invested in more than 300 companies in the DeFi / infra / protocol / NFT / Dapp / Metaverse / DAO / Layer2 / GameFi fields since 2016.

LD Capital has +0+ industry experts from around the world based in China, Singapore, Australia, the EU and the US, who have worked in financial and high-tech companies like Visa, Cisco and are now actively investing in blockchain companies.

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