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Janet Yellen, the 78th U.S. Treasury Secretary, told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that U.S. lawmakers are considering imposing a tax on unrealistic capital gains. According to Yellen, the funds raised will help finance issues related to climate and social change. When Yellen said that U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) Was working on drafting the plan, a large number of Americans were criticizing the proposal in forums and social media.

Janet Yellen discusses unrealistic capital gains tax proposal, House Speaker Pelosi approves

The phrase has been “unrealistic capital gains” Trending on social media Forum in the last 24 hours after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen discussed the issue on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Yellen explains the idea, which aims to tax Americans on unrealistic capital gains from liquid assets. Of course, like the controversial 600 IRS monitoring proposal, Yellen insisted that the proposal was aimed at “extremely rich people, billionaires.” Yellen, however, insisted that the tax was not an asset tax.

“I wouldn’t call it an asset tax, but it would help get capital gains, which is an incredibly large portion of the income of the richest people and tax exemptions until they realize it,” Yellen told CNN. He explained that Democrat Senator Ron Wyden was working on the proposal and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was supporting the idea. Although, as Yellen said, it’s not a “wealth tax,” Pelosi’s (D.C., California) words were different when he told CNN on Sunday: “We’ll probably have a wealth tax.”

Pelosi thinks the unrealistic profit tax will help finance the $ 2 trillion spending bill, saying the spending bill package was “quite a bit” and lawmakers are finalizing some “final decisions.” While Yellen, Democrats and CNN are praising the idea of ​​taxing unrealistic gains, Americans are upset with the idea and consider it “disobedient.”

Political commentators, libertarians, crypto enthusiasts denounce Yellen’s proposal – ‘tax evasion on unrealistic profits’

2020 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, Spike Cohen says, “This is undesirable. For those who don’t know, an ‘unrealistic profit’ is when you own something valuable, but you don’t sell it. Retirement funds. So now you have to sell it, pay taxes. If implemented, it will be an act of war against the remaining middle-class people who still actually own things, “Cohen added.

Mike Novogratz, a proponent of cryptocurrency and CEO of Galaxy Digital Divide his two cents About unrealistic gains on Twitter. “Probably try to eliminate [the] Step up foundation first. And carry interest, ”said the billionaire investor.“ It will be a start. There will be unrealistic gains in liquid securities [an] An uninterrupted catastrophe. “Independent journalist Jordan Schael Explained That “imposing a tax on unrealistic profits is only about the minimum tax. That’s not a big deal,” Schachtel commented. The journalist added:

Taxing on unrealistic profits gives the government the power to monitor your every move.

There are comments on almost every post on social media and forums on the subject that indicate that Americans think imposing taxes on unrealistic profits is a terrible idea. Without mainstream media publications The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Hill, and other publications have argued that the tax is aimed at “billionaire-class” and “extraordinarily rich people.” American journalist and YouTuber Tim Poole says the proposal is merely a ploy to make sense of people.

“Wealth tax, unrealistic profit, whatever,” Poole said Tweeted. “It’s a strategy that the rich are pulling towards the poor who don’t understand how money and the economy work. Wealth taxes don’t do anything, people don’t really understand the power of that huge wealth. “Bitcoin spokesman Stephen Livera Emphasis On social media that “tax on unrealistic profits is legal looting. They have created this mess and now they want to pay the people. ”

Evolutionary behavioral scientist and well-known author Gad Saad Mentioned ironically That unrealistic profit tax was a good idea. “That sounds like a good idea,” Saad scolded. “Also, we should be involved in disciplinary action for unrealistic crimes. Find the person you think is guilty and give him the chair in advance (for community solidarity and diversity), ”the author concludes.

What do you think of Janet Yellen and Nancy Pelosi telling Americans that lawmakers are planning to push through an unrealistic profit tax on the upcoming 2 trillion spending bill? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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