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Much of the liberal Western press, consciously or unconsciously, is helping to spread the good news of white supremacy.

“China: Big spenders or loan sharks?”

The BBC has chosen this headline for its correspondent Celia Hatton’s report on the newly published assessment of China’s nding practices. “China allocates at least twice as much development money as the United States and other major powers, new evidence shows, most of it in the form of risky high-interest loans from Chinese state-owned banks,” he said. Which is saddening the uncertain population in the sky-high debt. “

Let’s pause there for a minute and think about the terms used to describe the activity. China’s grants and loans come together as “development money” which is paid. Yet helpfully, the BBC tells us that “not too long ago China received foreign aid”. Nowhere in Celia Hatton’s report does Chinese “development money” describe it as “aid.” What is the difference?

Another BBC report from four years ago could be helpful. In it, Mrs. Hatton reports on the unveiling of “China’s secret aid empire” and writes that China’s meaning is not worthy of the “traditional theoretical definition of aid agreed by all Western industrialized nations” , He says, although 93 percent of U.S. “financial aid” agrees with the bill, only one-fifth of what China pays.

This is a startling claim. If the vast majority of the United States really benefits its recipients, there should be plenty of evidence. Yet a 1997 study by the Congressional Budget Office found that foreign aid played a marginal role in promoting economic development and human well-being, and even “given the environment in which the aid is used and the conditions under which it may hinder development.” . “

Indeed, the truth is that Western “development assistance” is itself the equivalent of lonsharking. A 2005 report in the New York Times stated that “between 1970 and 2002, countries in the southern Sahara received a total of $ 294 billion. At the same time they repaid 8 268 billion and accumulated a mountain of debt of 21 210 billion after interest.

My goal here is not just to prove that Chinese exploitation is somewhat different from what is practiced by the West. Rather, it is to show how often the Western media uses language designed to portray Western society as somehow better, more useful, more ethical, and more responsible than other societies.

A few more examples illustrate this. The BBC’s Laura Becker reports that analysts are “concerned” about North Korea’s development and testing of hypersonic missiles, but the United States is not doing the same despite a wide record of attacks and instability in other parts of the world. BBC anchors are appalled by Kim Jong Un’s ability to build missiles despite economic sanctions, citing evidence that the North Korean leader does not care about his hungry people.

Yet Joe Biden has little to say about maintaining and sustaining the world’s largest arsenal, even though more than 11 million U.S. children live without adequate food, many Americans lack adequate health care, and U.S. infrastructure is crumbling.

Similarly, reports of public officials abusing their position for personal gain are reported differently if they occur in the West. When an investigation by the Wall Street Journal found that “13030 federal judges have violated their law and judicial ethics, the courts overseeing cases in which companies have stocks owned by them or their families” is not a desirable phrase. U.S. senators who sell their votes to lobbyists are “keeping an eye on donors” and are not guilty of committing suicide to bribery.

And of course, U.S. elections may be gerimandered and voters suppressed but they are never rigged or stolen. Any suggestion that the electoral system may not actually reflect the will of the electorate occurred immediately and was dismissed as part of a “big lie” conducted by former President Donald Trump, who falsely insisted that he had won the recent presidential election.

Yet the fact is that the electoral system in the United States has been deliberately and deliberately rigged and who will be in power is often not determined by the voters, but by the mappers who work to distort the vote. That is theft.

Language issues. Words are important. And they’ve shown that it’s not just intangibles like Trump who spread the good news of white supremacy. Most of the liberal Western media is deeply invested in this project by characterizing its news events where they depend on where in the world and with whom it happens. Ignorant or not, it must be what it is called for.

The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect the author’s own and not necessarily the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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