Lane Kiffin, Mel Tucker and James Franklin all face a packed top 25 opponent on Saturday

Mail Tucker and Michigan State
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I’m almost sick of college football coaching carousel chatter As Mike Tomlin. I know journalists are forced to ask these questions, but it’s like asking a baby standing in front of a splash of milk, “Did you do it?” There needs to be a word to ask a question that you know you won’t get a direct answer to. (Inconsistent-question? I don’t know, but I’ve already wasted a lot of time trying to figure one out.)

If you want answers, do not ask incomplete questions, watch the game. In-game adjustments can be overrated, but real-time decisions – clock management, fourth and briefly going for it, when to plug in Spencer Rotler – are important.

So, goodbye to LSU and USC fans after each game with two rates like the Mid-August Dodgers game, I thought I might be able to build your interest with the coaching candidate audition.

Of the state of Michigan Mail money, Ole miss’ Lane Kiffin And Penn State James Franklin Associated with vacancies in all LSU and USC; All three are not a delusion; And all three will play in the opponent’s rankings on Saturday. Obviously, if you are a USC dehard, you can go ahead and skip the Ole Miss section (or, if you are a volunteer, Light a fire)

No. 6 Michigan State No. 8 Michigan State (Noon, Fox) – The Taka Spartans are 7-0 and face their toughest test against state rivals and unbeaten in Michigan. From an LSU fan standpoint, this game will feel like an old-school SEC matchup because the defense is stingy and both offenses are expected to be run-first with enough quarterback play. I’m talking Leonard-Fornet-LSU-Bama-You Lucky-Score-A-Touchdown Physical, where Kenneth Walker is making his best Fornet impression.

After coming under Nick Soap and Kirby Smart, it’s easy to see how seamless the transition to SEC for money will be and it’s even easier to take pictures considering the guy. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to saying one thing and doing another. I’m not judging for that at all; What is he supposed to say? “Yes, I am interested in LSU jobs. I just hope I can finish 10-2, maybe 11-1, maybe hide in the Big 10 title game, be lucky against Iowa and be devastated in the playoffs because this is the only scene where LSU fans won’t bother me instead Hired dabo or zimbo. ”It would be nice if he said that because it’s true, he’s a long shot who needs to get the highest degree to get the job.

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin
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No. 10 Ole Miss 18 No. Auburn (5 p.m., ESPN) – One more week at SEC West, another ranked team. Rebel QB Matt Coral is a Heisman candidate, so Prepare your popcorn (Soon?), LSU fans, because if it keeps humming the lanes and humming twice, it will induce drilling if you watch the scrimmage dominance lines of Michigan and Michigan State.

Keefeen seems to have fully regained his beloved status among head coaches in college football, and that greed for LSU loyalists will only grow if he continues to win that division because SEC fans only respect the SEC team. Hell, even if they lose, they’ll probably have enough stupid numbers that won’t affect his position in an El Beau.

James Franklin

James Franklin
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No. 20 Penn State No. 5 Ohio State (5:30 p.m., ABC) – For the USC contingent trying to find out if Franklin is a good coach, it should be a nice barometer. Loss of return, including a 9 OT thriller (?) In Illinois, the Nitani Lions set off to play a “grown” Ohio State team. (Forgive me if I’m not impressed with the win against Tulsa, Akron, Rutgers, Maryland, And Indiana, the rest of the fans.)

PSU QB Shawn Clifford, while healthy, is not going to inspire Spartan fans with a yearning for John David Booty’s days, but if Penn State’s defense is able to harass and disrupt an OSU team with two, they will be able to garner some encouragement. Heisman is “optimistic.” (Again, see schedule.)

We all know how well defense plays in Southern California. Wait? What’s that? Isn’t it? Well, can I get you interested in Jeff Fisher?

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