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Press release. Next Generation NFT Infrastructure – The Label Foundation has announced the successful completion of its personal sales round. Backed by many leading VCs and famous Grammy-winning artists, the NFT platform has raised $ 1.0 million during personal sales which has generated great interest from top investors and venture capitalists in the finance and blockchain industries.

The label is a big milestone for the foundation

The personal sales round was led by HG Enterprises and was supported by some of the leading venture capital and organization in the blockchain sphere, such as GBIC, Mindfulness Capital, IOST, M6, Adaptive, and Icetea Labs, Alphabit, and Pragma. These venture capital firms have joined forces to finance the next generation of NFT infrastructure that provides P2P incubating platforms to encourage learning platforms.

Speaking about the development, Simon Jung, co-founder of HG Ventures, expressed his delight at the development. “As a major investor in the Label Foundation, we are first and foremost impressed by the dedication of the core team to the unified goal of revolutionizing the entertainment education market by combining MOOC industry and blockchain technology.

Jeung added, “We believe that NFTs will need to take it to the next level, and that musicians, artists and other content creators who previously withheld their legitimate profits will now be able to defend their rightful IP rights in the most innovative way.” NFT infrastructure platform. He concludes.

Build the next generation blockchain-based educational ecosystem

Label is an NFT infrastructure protocol designed to establish a fair profit-sharing ecosystem on the Ethereum network. Its ecosystem is powered by LBL utilities and governance tokens.

To achieve this, LABEL DAO has introduced a decentralized P2P incubating platform to invest in world-class entertainment educational content through a voting system that allows contributors to claim profits through its local NFT shareholding process.

This system gives content creators in the MOOC industry easy access to invest, promote and distribute their IP rights. This solves the problem of unjust structures existing in the sphere.

Tokenize IP rights using NFT

The Label Foundation uses NFT in a more innovative way that allows content creators to tokenize their IP rights and allow investors to fund their potential courses. These courses are listed on the label platform and over time become profitable and effective for investors.

The interests of these tokenized IP rights can be accessed by LBL holders who share their tokens in the DAO Governance Mechanisms for the right to vote on which courses are registered and funded in the label ecosystem.

Courses that have been successfully invested will be registered under the ERC-1155 NFT standard, which will clearly define the share ratio of ownership according to the contribution of trainers, voters and investors. Sales revenue information from partner platforms will be published on a special NFT page, and revenue generated by the course will be accurately distributed based on NFT shares held by contributors.

In addition, investors who wish to relinquish their NFT shares will be able to freely register it in the LABEL Foundation’s NFT Marketplace, or similarly, they will be able to maintain their access to IP rights and claim partial profits.

The original partnership was established

The Label Foundation has expanded its ecosystem with key partnerships between the blockchain and the education industry. It has already partnered with OpenTrack, a leading music education platform run by Claesson. The partnership will provide a batch of world-class trainers who will deliver basic materials within the LABEL ecosystem.

The LABEL platform will feature top stars such as Mark Letty (3x Grammy winner), Scoop Devil (2x Grammy nominee), Robert Sput Cerrite (6x Grammy winner), Doxkim (BTS producer) and many other influential artists and trainers who share their knowledge and insights. Sharing and possibly their IP rights suggest registering their courses as NFT through the incubating system and allocating NFT shares to more early investors.

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