Kylie McKennie deleted the tweet insultingly to Trump instead of Biden

Former White House Press Secretary Kylie McKinney tweeted a graphic tweet on Thursday showing an increase in killings in 2020 and blaming Joe Biden, who became president in 2021.

The U.S. homicide rate under Joe Joden … The graph was included in an article in the New York Times this week about the rise in homicides last summer and the flattening of homicide rates this year.

McKennie deleted the tweet, but not before numerous journalists and Twitter users caught it.

McKinney did not admit his mistake. After deleting the first tweet, he blamed a new Democratic mayor and blamed the movement for defending police for the rising crime, while claiming that Biden, who did not hold any office in 2020, “enabled it”.

The Times reports that there is no clear picture of what led to the increase in homicides last year but “analysts point to many potential contributing factors, including various epidemic pressures; mistrust between police and the public has increased since George Floyd’s assassination, including a withdrawal of police in response to criticism; And increased the carrying of firearms. ”

McKennie, whose tenure on the White House podium was lying and deviating in defense of Trump, has since joined Fox News, where he regularly attacks Biden and rewrites history about the Trump administration.

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