Kryodon completes P2P cross-chain token fundraiser for NFT infrastructure project Tokelaryptoningas

Komodo, an open source technology provider that provides all-in-one blockchain solutions and the pioneer behind AtomicDEX that enables secure and instant switching and transferring assets in Trader Wallet without the need for AMM, today announced that it has successfully launched a peer- Completed Two-Peer, a cross-chain fundraiser with Tokens, a tokenization infrastructure provider.

Fundraising uses a unique method that ensures that users can access tokens without the use of automated market makers (AMMs). Instead, for the first time, fundraising relies on peer-to-peer, decentralized order books, introducing more financially efficient and more secure solutions for fundraising.

Token fundraising hacks continue to exploit uranium finance – an AMM Uniswap clone built on the Benson smart chain – lost $ 50 million and Mirkat, also an AMM, lost 31 31 million.

Instead of using Automated Market Maker (AMM), AtomicDEX relies on peer-to-peer, decentralized order books.

This new fundraising process enables reduced fees because the liquidity model ensures that investors can lock in fixed exchange rates without having to worry about slippage during IDOs.

Previously, running an IDO on an AMM-based DEX like Uniswap was problematic due to the algorithm-based bond curvature that determines the price level.

For example, some investors in UMA’s April 2020 IDO suddenly paid extra gas fees to the Ethereum blockchain.

Atomix DEX

Komodo’s nuclear swap-powered DEX technology both turned their assets into projects and removed major barriers to equating the participation of cryptocurrency investors.

Using a peer-to-peer solution, AtomicDEX eliminates smart contract exploits and anger pools সাধারণ common problems that have caused massive loss of funding in other DEX and DeFi protocols.

In addition, AtomicDEX extends IDO compatibility across dozens of blockchain protocols, many of which offer extremely low network transaction fees.

The AtomicDEX solution supports cross-chain, cross-protocol trading across multiple networks via a blockchain anonymous protocol. In addition to Komodo-based resources, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Dogecoin and dozens of other blockchains are supported.

“We are thrilled that TKL is the first to use AtomicDEX to launch new currencies and IDs listed on AtomicDEX. This marks an important milestone in the expansion of our technology as we now offer a plug-and-play option for fair launch coins. Sure other projects will follow Tokelau’s footsteps.
– Komodo CTO, Kadan Stadelman

Tokela is a project specifically focused on building non-fungible (NFT) infrastructure for the Komodo ecosystem, with a roadmap including an integrated NFT marketplace for AtomDex users.

“Komodo provides a perfect solution for launching an independent blockchain with its own domestic currency and integrating it with a cross-protocol DEX. The on-chain trading fee for KMD / TKL trading pairs is less than a fraction of a penny A significant advantage of surpassing IDO in -20 DEXs is that users participating in IDO do not have to deal with smart contracts when trading, so this fundraising process is much more secure than AMM-based DX proposals.Another important advantage is that AtomicDEX users Provides a secure, built-in non-custody wallet to store their TKL coins.
– Tokel Lead Developer, NutellaLicka

With the new approach, the Fundraising Tokle (TKL) has seen an investment of about $ 1,000,000.

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