Knit Burger raised $ 70 million in valuations from Softbank’s Mishra

The Lewis Hamilton-backed Vegan Restaurant Group, led by Knit Burger, Rajiv Mishra of Softbank, has completed a fundraising round that valued the company at 70 70 million and allowed it to move forward with a triple-size plan.

The plant-based fast-food chain, which started in 2019, is looking to launch its pea protein burgers in several large supermarkets in the UK, as well as upgrade 19 dine-in sites and 16 delivery kitchens from five restaurants in London by the end of 2022.

Ryan Bishti, a nightclub operator who co-founded the business with his brother Jack and Beyond Meat’s initial investor Thomaso Chiabra, said Knit Burger’s “Pillar Rule” is opening a new restaurant every month.

He added that with the sites being available at cheaper rates, the epidemic has “accelerated our expansion plans”. The company also aims to open in Italy, the United States and the Middle East.

Neat Burger did not disclose its annual revenue but said it expects sales to grow 300 percent per year as a result of the new site opening. Chiabra said sales in 2022 would be “double the million”.

Mishra has invested a portion of his personal fortune in a 7 7 million fundraising round after hearing about knit burgers from his children, the company said.

Neat co-founders Tommy Chiabra and Ryan Bishti

Vegetarian food producers are growing rapidly as consumers become more aware of the health and environmental impact of eating red meat.

But despite the large chains like Burger King and McDonald’s adding plant-based options to their menu, there are relatively few vegan-restaurants.

In the UK, the number of seating restaurants with a special plant-based menu increased from one in 2015 to two in June this year, according to local data company statistics.

“All the major brands are adding more vegetarian and meat-free ingredients to their menus and I think you will continue to see the expert. [but] I question how far they can go and become experts or just the leaders of the trends that bring things into the mainstream, ”said Graeme Smith, managing director of Alex Partners.

Hamilton, a Formula One driver, a vegetarian and a founding investor in Knit Burger, said the idea behind the chain was “to make plant-based foods more accessible to everyone, whether you want to eat plant-based foods all the time or want to add them. . “

Other investors include Anthony de Lorio, co-founder of cryptocurrency Etherium, and Wellness Holding, which owns fitness equipment company TechnoGim.

Bisht said that since net burgers do not rely on animal protein and all of its ingredients in the UK, it is not lacking like other fast-food chains like KFC and Nando.

Pea protein suppliers warned last month that drought could lead to a shortage of plant-based foods in Canada.

Neat burger patties typically cost 9.99 but it says it plans to launch £ 1.99 burgers next year despite rising labor and energy costs.

“We’re aware that people are feeling a little pinch,” Bishti said.

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