Kim Kardashian casts a shadow over Kanye, Sly ‘SNL’ Monologue

Kim Kardashian West came out in a hot-pink bodysuit in a deceptive, mostly funny “Saturday Night” solo drama. She praised her latest divorced husband and threw dirt on him, mentioned his sex tape and quietly called Oz Simpson a jaw-dropping “joke.”

He also sneered at “SNL” and said his presence in front of 10 million or more viewers was a “quiet, intimate night” for him because he was intimidated by nearly 360 million fans.

Kardashian became involved with Oz Simpson when he brought his “real passion – people out of jail on false charges. I think I’m following in my father’s footsteps,” he added. Wife Nicole Brown helped acquit Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman of stabbing to death.

Carpassian noted that he “met my first black man” because of his pop. “Who wants to stab in the dark?” He asked the startled audience. “OJ leaves a mark – or several, or nothing; I don’t know yet.”

For Kanye West, he was “the best rapper of all time … America’s richest black man, a talented, legitimate genius who gave me four incredible kids,” he said. (The couple was spotted together in Manhattan before the ceremony.)

“When I divorced him, you know it came down to one thing: his personality,” he jerked.

“I am also surprised to see me here,” Kardashian told the audience as he set foot on the stage. “I haven’t really premiered a movie in a long time,” she said, referring to her leaked sex tape. “Actually I just released a movie, and no one told me it was even premiereing. It must have taken my mother’s mind away.”

He insisted: “I’m not Kim, not Karen,” but given all the “K” names in the family, it was probably a possibility. Somehow her mother “just knew” Karen wouldn’t be a good pick. “I don’t know how he saw it coming – and not Caitlin,” Jenner said.

“I want America to come together, that’s why I’m announcing here that I’m running … I’m kidding!” He added.

“I am not running for president. We can’t have Three A failed politician in a family, ”he said, referring to Kanye West’s losing bid for the presidency and Caitlin Jenner’s failed race for governor of California.

Watch it in the video clip above.

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