Kim Kardashian and others have chartered a plane to help Afghan women

That’s how you do it! Kim Kardashian always makes a difference by using her platform. He recently used his influence to support Julius Jones, who was fighting for his execution by Oklahoma Governor State. Julius is alive and now sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. However, this is not the only reason Kim is focusing on her strengths. According to ESPN on Thursday, Kim, a rabbi from New York, and Leeds United, a Premier League supporter, and others helped members of a women’s youth development football team in Afghanistan return safely after being deported.

Young women and their families are seen as a political act of disobedience against the Taliban because of women’s sports. Hundreds of women athletes have fled Afghanistan since the team returned to power and began cracking down on women’s education and freedom, the report said. With his team, Kim rented a plane that had more than 30 teenage players and their families.

About 130 people have landed safely at Stansted Airport near London in Britain. Players will spend ten days in the COVID-19 quarantine before starting a new life in Britain. Khalida Popal, a former captain of the Afghan national women’s team who led the effort to remove the female athletes, spoke of the girls and their families being very happy and relieved that they were safe.

“Many families left their homes when the Taliban seized power. Their homes have been set on fire, “Popal told the Associated Press. “Some of their family members have been killed or taken away by the Taliban. So the danger and the pressure was too much and that’s why it was so important to move quickly to get them out of Afghanistan. “

Kim shared a video of the girls celebrating online and thanked everyone involved in the effort via several Instagram story posts. Kim is always going up and out of need. We love to see it!

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