Kidambi Srikanth thinks a big win from him is round

Kidambi Srikkanth, one of India’s best male singles players, said he was getting better day by day and asserted that he was just one big win away from regaining his lost form on the BWF circuit.

Kidambi Srikkanth had a bad start on Thursday, losing 12-21, 1-2-21 to China’s Shi Yu Qi, as they beat India 1-0 in the BWF Thomas Cup in Aarhus, Denmark on Thursday.

Kidambi Srikkanth, who enjoyed a 4-1 head-to-head record against his Chinese opponent, could not be counted on to fight.

Speaking to reporters and the BWF after the match, the versatile single player said he lacked consistency, which is needed in big-ticket matches. He said:

“I felt like I played well on the patch. I lack consistency and have to work on it. Otherwise, I think I’m playing well. I gave him (Shi Yu Q) a lot of points in the first set and two in a row. Second. I remember.” The main thing is to make mistakes. Otherwise, I’m there and I feel like I’m just a big win away. “

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Kidambi Srikanth had struggled to find form before and could not convert points when it was important to lose the tie to the whip. Speaking about the match, Kidambi Srikkanth said:

“I really think it’s more of an easy mistake. I want to continue. I started the second set well and I was doing well about 10-8 and then gave up six to seven points in a row. I avoided it, it even happened. Can. “

Kidambi Srikanth is gaining confidence

The versatile Indian singles player has been out of form in recent times but is pulling his socks well. With enough match practice under his belt, Kidambi Srikkanth feels he is getting better with his game, which has also improved his confidence level.

“I see myself playing better here than in my first match in the Sudirman Cup. It’s just about gaining confidence and playing big matches. There are about eight to ten players playing well on the circuit and it’s a matter of playing more matches. Practicing with them and enough matches. . “

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Satvik-Chirag is happy with the victory against China

After Kidambi Srikanth got off to a bad start in India, Satviksairaj and Chirag Sethi helped bring India back to parity by winning doubles 21-14, 21-14 over Hi Ji Ting and Zhao Hao Dong.

Speaking about the match, Chirag said that he and Satviksairaj were both clear in their game plans and performed well.

“It was a good game. The strategies we wanted to play and our game plan worked. We are happy to win a point for India.”

Satviksairaj admits that the game was much easier than they thought. He said they plan to beat the Chinese pair in two sets and are sure to play the third. But sticking to their plan helped them win a straight game. He said:

“We never thought we could beat China easily. We were ready for a tough match. I was ready for the third game. But we were adamant in our plan and played consistently and after each point we made sure to calm ourselves down with a short break. . “

Sameer Verma wasted a golden opportunity

Samir Verma, India’s second singles player, failed to hold India to a 2-1 lead and lost four match points to lose his singles game to Lu Guang Jur. His defeat in the men’s singles is India’s second after Kidambi Srikanth lost the first match of the evening.

Sameer Verma failed to keep cool and lost the match, giving China a crucial 2-1 lead and a winning momentum.

Talking about the match, Samir said that although he lost the match, he felt that he was in good shape. He added:

“I think I’m playing well. In the third set, when I was 20-17, he (Guang Xu) won the last few points at Trott. I must focus on converting those points. I think I’m good. I was. I respect the movement and the stroke game. “

This is India’s first defeat in the Thomas Cup, after a 5-0 win over the Netherlands and Tahiti. With two wins, India qualified for the quarter-finals for the first time since 2010.

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