Kaws x Comme des Garçons: Now you can smell like one of the greatest artists in the world

Over the past decade, Brian Donnelly শিল্প the artist known as KAWS একজন has evolved from a tagger who has captivated the entire street apparel industry, among the millions of fine art labels, prestigious galleries, and millions of fine artisans sought by auctioneers. Her artwork jumped from supreme skate decks and tees to dior sweaters and handbags. (Not to mention: one of his paintings sold a record-setting 14 14.8 million এবং and the buyer was widely rumored to be Justin Bieber.) And now, the two have teamed up again to create the artist’s first perfume, complete with a high-patterned bottle decorated with one of the artist’s most famous characters.

The scent of the musk flower known as the “mirror” contains notes of yellow leaves, neroli oil, orange flowers and rich wooden cashmere. “Inspired by KAWS’s multifaceted practice,” reads the official press release, without much elaboration. It is correct to assume that the bottle is the real draw of cooperation. The transparent glass design features the artist’s favorite “companion” character – or more specifically, the character is apparently drenched in blood with his hands just above the surface. The fragrance will be available October 14 through Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market, and select boutiques around the world.

Only in 2021, KAWS will count on brand collaboration with Nike and Sakai, Supreme, Human Med and Porter. “For me,” he said GQ In the 2019 profile, “It’s all the same thing – there’s no difference between the projects I do.” Over the years, the artist has lent his name and artwork to clothing, accessories, toys and sculptures, sunglasses, sneakers, tea kettles and even augmented reality apps. (When it comes to showing sculptures bigger than his life and creating a feverish demand for his paintings.) In some ways, it feels almost amazing that he has never created a signature perfume before. A decade ago, it seemed unfamiliar for a graffiti artist to collaborate on a colony with a fashion label. Yet, in today’s collab-driven and march-centric retail environment, it seems equal for the course. And you can thank KAWS for that.

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