Karthik Aryan has revealed his secret behind finishing the film so early

Several social media apps around the world were shut down last night due to some technical issues. Although some large social media apps do not work, it was Twitter that allowed netizens to communicate. Karthik Aryan came on Twitter and had a fun interaction session with his fans.

Karthik Aryan often engages in #AskKartik sessions on Twitter and millions of his fans flock to this opportunity and question him. Fans of Karthik Aryan really ask some interesting questions and some questions are not so interesting but Karthik’s intelligence is believed to make them fun. Now we all know that like Akshay Kumar, even Karthik Aryan enjoys work and completes one movie after another in a year without any break. Not surprisingly, a fan asked him if he had the speed of a Usain Bolt when it came to sorting out movies. Fans wanted to know more about the secret behind it. Karthik Aryan answered in just two words and we all got our answer. The actor replied – Akshay sir.

Now that’s not surprising. Karthik Aryan has always been vocal about the fact that Akshay Kumar is often compared to a superstar for his inspiration and the work ethic of a young actor, his comedy timing and even because he is a tittler. It is not surprising that Akshay Kumar is his inspiration and this is how he got Usain Bolt to complete the movies.

Kartik Aryan

Akshay Kumar and Karthik Aryan are two actors who like to work and work on two to three projects simultaneously. Khiladi Kumar is working on the next production of Raksha Bandhan, Ram Setu and Jackie Bhagnani at one time. Similarly, Karthik Aryan was mistakenly forgetting 2, wrapping Freddy and kickstarting Shehzada at one point. It looks like our B-Town fans love to impress the audience with their work and witnessing that feeling is always irresistible.

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