Karin Preview Prize Ride, Biker Business 2x Payment, and more

Stumbling off the gates this week, the weekly update of Rockstar Games for GTA Online has been launched on a number of issues. The GTA online server for PS4, Xbox One and PC crashes together just in time for the update to close, leaving players with no information. After a few hours of downtime, the servers are back and there is also a list of new discounts and bonuses for the week.

Everything new online at GTA this week

New material

  • Karin Preview – Top 5 places in an LS Car Meet Series race that can claim a prize ride for 4 consecutive days
  • 2x Reputation Bonus in Pursuit Race – LS Tuners

Podium vehicles

Bonus GTA $ and RP activities

  • 3x GTA প্রতি and RP – timeout in opponent mode
  • 2x GTA $ and RP biker cell missions (cocaine, methamphetamine)

Discounted content

  • 40% discount from Western Rampant Rocket (55 555,000)
  • 40% Off Dinka Vindicator ($ 378,000)
  • 30% discount from Vapid Dominator ASP ($ 1,242,500 / 931,875)
  • 50% Off RC Bandito ($ 795,000)
  • 40% discount from all clubhouses
  • 40% discount on renovated clubhouses
  • 50% discount on cocaine lockup – open street business
  • 50% discount from methamphetamine lab – open street business
  • 50% discount on supplies – open road business

Twitch Prime Bonus

  • Modified Helmet 65% Discount ($ 316,540 / 238,000)
  • 35% discount from Dinka RT3000 ($ 1,114,750 / 836,062.5)

Time trial

RC Bandito Time Trial

The most profitable biker business at Rs 2x this week

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup and Meth Lab businesses are offering double the money and RP on GTA Online this week. Last week, the three least profitable biker businesses were paying 2x, such as weeds, document fraud and counterfeit cash.

The features needed to start a Coke and Meth sales mission are also available for a 50% discount this week, making it the perfect time for those who have stopped buying them to go there and snatch them.

With the amount of profit they will send for a 2x bonus this week, these features will turn players ’investments into profits in a short period of time.

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