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Ben Mackenzie, the former teenage soap star of the popular television series “The OC”, has called on his fellow celebrities for a shilling-specific cryptocurrency project. McKenzie called the trend a “moral catastrophe” and named a few celebrities who sent a few crypto projects to their loyal fans.

‘The OC’ star Ben Mackenzie writes a scary review of his fellow celebrities and their crypto participation

On October 7, American actor, writer and director Ben Mackenzie had trouble pushing some crypto projects with his fellow celebrities. So much so that he wrote an opinion editorial condemning the behavior and published it through the publication The Slate.

Ben McKenzie himself is a celebrity, having his first high-profile role in 2003, when he starred in the television series “The OC” starring “Ryan Atwood”.

McKenzie’s op-ed is called “Celebrity Crypto Shilling a Moral Disaster” and the first person to be hit is popular socialite Kim Kardashian. McKenzie discussed how Kardashian coined the crypto token Etherium Max using his Instagram account with 228 million followers.

“The post was an instant sensation, and a touch of controversy,” McKenzie wrote. “Etherium Max was only a month old, few heard of it and it was not clear how the ‘token’ would work,” the actor added.

As of this writing, the Ethereum Max is priced at 00 0.00000002257, according to That’s a lot of zero. If you bought the Ethereum Max and didn’t sell it fast enough after Kardashian pushed it, then what you had was a virtually worthless digital asset.

McKenzie: ‘Celebrities can have their audience sit at a rigged blackjack table’

McKenzie is among a number of other celebrities, including former heavyweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., former NBA star Paul Pierce, actress Lindsay Lohan and superball champion Tom Brady. “The Hollywoodization of crypto is a moral catastrophe. And for fans of celebrities who probably have a lot less money to lose, it’s probably also a financial one, “McKenzie insisted.” The OC “star added:

These rich and famous entertainers may be imposing pay-day loans or their viewers are sitting at a fraudulent table. While the wild swing of crypto can be exciting for some, the rewards for many are enchanting, especially once the top few cryptocurrencies (which are a separate entity from Ethereum Max) surpass Bitcoin and Etherium.

The slate article, however, is co-written by journalist Jacob Silverman, an author who is in the middle of writing a book about crypto fraud. Silverman has a lot to say about big technology and he has shared a lot of anti-capitalist views throughout several of his editorials. Author Silverman further writes “Terms of service: the value of social media and constant connection.”

McKenzie also believes that the crypto world is confused by scandals and so-called “anger pools”. But for celebrities, this kind of speculation adds publicity to the investment, a bit above that, he says.

“Celebrities are encouraging their fans to gamble on speculative, unproven investments that could soon see a major regulatory crackdown, unless the market has a direct impact,” McKenzie stressed. The actor ended up sharply criticizing his fellow celebrities:

If celebrities think about what products they promote, they should think twice about putting their support behind these companies. Crypto and blockchain technology may still play an important role, but industry executives, venture capitalists and yes, rich and famous people push these products but don’t gain your trust or your money.

What do you think of Ben McKenzie’s editorial about the shilling celebrity of the crypto project? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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