Kanye West puts up his Wyoming Farm for sale

Earlier last year, Kanye West শু lying on a matte-black ATV in a flock of sheep তার his nearly 4,000 acres of land just outside Cody, described Wyoming as “an example of building a platform for free thought rather than the box we are in now.” West Lake Ranch, formerly known as Monster Lake Ranch, was planned to be converted into a Yezi campus: clothing production, alternative energy and agriculture, and the composite fit of all artists for the architectural projects he had with James. .

Now, farms are being set up in the west – which was the site GQCover Story for sale in May 2020, valued at 11 million. According to Cody Enterprise, You bought the farm, whose total assets, including additional leased federal land, were listed for auction at 13.3 million, for an undisclosed amount in October 2019; You also listed seven of his commercial assets for more than dy 2.2 million earlier this week. The property seems to be one of several games in the seemingly amicable divorce from Kim Kardashian: Today, news spread that the Kim couple will hold the $ 60 million Hidden Hills estate, which helped redesign Kanye Axel Ververt. And last month, you reported that Tadao Ando bought a বাড়ি 57 million offshore house in Malibu, not too far from the Hidden Hills home.

This is the first of two farms you own in Wyoming: Just two months after buying West Lake in October 2019, he bought a second, larger farm about 50 miles away. So far, he still owns the next property, called the Disruptive Mountain Ranch, which is a seven-bed, seven-bath property where he and his family lived while in the state. Listed as a one-bedroom, semi-bathing place, West Lake appeared as a prototype-slash-event space for you; According to the real estate listing, the “Once in a Lifetime” property has two freshwater lake trophies ideal for fishing, a cattle facility, a commercial kitchen and a go-kart track.

Kanye Dove returns to his first Wyoming life in 2018, when he recorded and premiered his album Yes, As well as the Kid Cody project Kids see ghosts, Diamond Cross Ranch near Jackson Hole. You hoped to relocate her family to the kingdom the whole time – an idea that seemed to become a divisive factor in Kim and Kanye’s marriage. “We love Wyoming. It’s always been such an amazing place, “he told Jimmy Fallon in 2019.” My husband bought a farm there. His dream and his vision to go there. I love LA, so I imagine summer, I imagine some weekends. If the disruptive Mountain Ranch survives all the real estate jingle, hopefully it can still happen.

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