Kairi Irving online ‘choice’ Covid-1 conspiracy conspiracy theory

Brooklyn net star Kyrie Irving has been vaccinated and will not be able to play home games because he does not meet New York City’s vaccine mandate for indoor space. There doesn’t seem to be any plan to take the shot.

Irving, who has long been known for his conspiracy theories about flattening the earth, is now reportedly “liking” online posts about the microchiped Covid-1 vaccine, which is probably a lie.

Matt Sullivan broke it down in an article for Rolling Stone, adding that “Modern Microchip misinformation spreads” spread across multiple NBA locker rooms and group messages.

“Irving, who serves as vice-president on the players’ union’s executive committee, recently started following and liking Instagram posts from a conspiracy theorist who claims that the ‘secret society’ is vaccinating the ‘computer’ devil’s plan to link blacks to masters.” This modern microchip misinformation campaign has spread to multiple NBA locker rooms and group chats, interviewing dozens of plus current players, hall-of-females, league executives, gymnasts and virologists for this story last week. “

While this is ridiculous, it’s not hard to see how a theory coming from Irving, who serves as vice president of the executive committee of the NBA Players Association, could prevent the NBA from reaching its goal of vaccinating all players.

Although players do not need to be vaccinated, Michelle Roberts, executive director of the NBA Players Union, said about 0% of players are vaccinated. It follows the vaccination rates of the NFL and the NHL.

Irving and Net opened a training camp this week in San Diego, away from the New York City vaccine mandate issue. Shawn Marks, general manager of Nets, said he hoped his franchise’s vaccination issues would be resolved before the start of the season.

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