Justice Sotomayor has rejected a request to block the New York School Vaccine Mandate

Judgment Sonia Stomayer New York City Public Schools has rejected a request to block a vaccine mandate for teachers.

CNN reports:

Sotomayor did not send the application to other Supreme Court justices or comment on his actions, perhaps indicating that they agreed with his decision. In August, Justice Amy Connie Barrett similarly rejected an attempt to close the Indiana University vaccine mandate.

In court papers, lawyers for teachers argued that New York City, as well as the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Mental Health, imposed an “unconstitutional burden” on public school teachers. They wanted the High Court to block the order while the appeal process was closed.

Teachers claimed that their due process and equal protection rights were being violated under the Constitution, but New York City had the legal right to determine the terms of their employment as employers of teachers.

Employees cannot sue for revocation of vaccine orders. Teachers in New York who refuse to be vaccinated will have to go on unpaid leave for one year.

It’s scary that any teacher would want to spread covid or perhaps get sick themselves because they refuse to get vaccinated.

There are other states that do not need to be vaccinated. If a teacher does not want to be vaccinated, they can go to teach in Florida, Texas or Mississippi, because New York City does not want teachers to be vaccinated.

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