Justice Pooh Shiesti’s request for a possible life sentence to face an October trial date has been granted (exclusive details).

TSR EXCLUSIVE DETAILS P Federal Judge Pooh Shiesti presided over the robbery case and granted a joint motion by him and his co-defendants, withdrawing the request to continue the trial until December.

In documents obtained by The Shed Room, Judge K Michael Moore signed the order, granted Poh’s request and rejected the original offer to adjourn his trial until December.

Initially, Pooh Shisti asked for his trial to be postponed for several months so that his defense attorney could make his case, and court documents showed that federal prosecutors were not opposed to the proposal, only requesting a postponement in February 2022 for his trial. For some schedule conflicts.

Apparently, the hearts of Pooh Shisti and his co-defendants changed when prosecutors mentioned that they would use that time to “prove” at least 10 serious crimes. The judge noted in his order that “all defendants believe that proceeding with the trial is in their best interests … even in light of the huge discovery.”

This means that Puh and his crew will proceed with the original date, which is set for the 25th of this month.

To remind Puh of the alleged crime, prosecutors allege that Puh Shisti and two others robbed and shot two men on October 20, 2020, at a hotel in the Bay Harbor Islands. The federal indictment alleges that two victims, Poh and his associates, were trying to sell marijuana and a pair of high-quality sneakers.

Prosecutors allege that things went awry during the transaction when Puh and his crew shot the vendors with semi-automatic weapons. According to court documents, they are also accused of fleeing the scene with sneakers and marijuana in hand.

The charges against Pooh Shisti and his alleged accomplices include conspiracy to commit a felony of possession of a firearm, conspiracy to commit Hobbes Act robbery, robbery of a Hobbes Act and possession of a firearm in advance of a felony. Violence

Although the victim survived the shooting, Poh still faces a possible life sentence for the charges brought against him.

We have reported before The Fed used Puh Sheisti’s Instagram account to link him to the robbery.

Federal investigators found a Louis Vuitton bag containing about 41 41,000 in cash that fell from a McLaren luxury car that Pooh rented. According to the Fed, just days before the robbery charge against him, Poh posted a picture of himself with his “several long rifles and an excess of $ 100.00 bill.”

The bills he posted on Instagram had the same serial number as a bill in Louis Vuitton’s bag in the shooting and robbery scene.

In addition, one of the others accused in the case, Jaiden Darosa, posted on his own Instagram a Draco automatic rifle … which was allegedly the same Puh Shiesti used in the shooting.

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