Judge Jassi has rejected Smollett’s offer to withdraw the criminal case

Hollywood “washed-up” actor Josie Smolt was released from the corrupt Cook County State Attorney’s Office in 2019, when he performed a vicious, ridiculous stunt to describe Trump supporters as homophobic, racist, and planned and rehearsed late at night.

Smollett, also known as French actor Juicy Smollett, was later re-charged in February 2020 on six counts of alleged hate speech.

In April 2019, Chicago authorities released a text message from corrupt state attorney Kim Foxx. Messages revealed that Kim Foxx continued to intervene in the case in support of Smollett even after withdrawing himself.

Kim Foxx is a Soros-funded lawless fundamentalist who still runs the second largest prosecutor’s office in the United States.

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Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar posted Kim Foxx’s message on his Twitter feed.

It is clear that Kiss Foxx lied about his involvement in the Jassi Smollett case.

The charges against Smallett had previously been dropped for his costly stunts but the Hollywood actor will return to court in November.

After all, the stigma of justice still lingers in Chicago.

According to the Daily Mail,

A judge has ruled out a last-ditch attempt to dismiss his criminal case against Empire actor Josie Smolt for lying against police when he reported that he had been the victim of racist, anti-gay attacks and a date had been set for trial.

Ol told Smallett police that in January 2019, two masked men attacked him in the city of Chicago, where he was filming the empire.

He was charged with filing a false police report a few weeks later, and investigators concluded that he carried out the attack and paid two brothers to do so because he was dissatisfied with his salary and wanted to advance his career.

But Judge James Lynn noted that Smalllet’s case was now being handled by a special counsel appointed by another judge, a measure that would not upset him.

The men accused of carrying out the attack have been identified as Abel and Ola Osundairo. Police arrested the pair on February 1, 2011 and interrogated them. They were later released on 1 February.

Smollett allegedly agreed to pay them 3, 3,500 to carry out the attack.

Ola Osundairo is a personal trainer who appeared in an episode of the Empire. Smollett and Ola are known to be friendly through text messages and do ‘workout tips’ business.

On February 20, Smallett was arrested and charged with lying to police.

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