Judge bans MSNBC, but allows Tucker Carlson to enter safe area to film Kyle Reitenhaus documentary

The same judge who banned MSNBC from the courthouse had no problem allowing Fox News and Tucker Carlson to film a Kyle Reitenhaus documentary in a safe area.

CNN reports:

Reitenhaus’s defense attorney told CNN that he did not agree with the cameras in the protected area, but that the documentary, aka Fox News and Tucker Carlson, was paying for his defense. I did not approve of that. I kicked them out of the house Several times. I don’t think the film crew Suitable for anything like This. But people were picking up Pay for specialists And to pay for attorneys Was trying to raise money, and That was part of it. “

CNN also reported that the Carlson / Fox documentary crew had access to a safe area, “S.Some of them, Jim, Crew and people are something This work was inside On the courthouse and footage The third floor where Kyle Was kept for the retainhouse For security reasons, there was a security The party has been kept out of the public eye. Access has been granted through the back Area Go to the top and capture it Footage as this Documentary. “

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MSNBC was banned from the courthouse for driving too close to a freelance jury van, but Fox News gained special access to the protected area and courthouse to make a documentary about the retainhouse, and the judge had no problem with that.

In light of this information, it is clear why many Americans think that the Retainhouse Trial was a show trial where the prosecution never had a chance.

It certainly looks like the game has been rigged and the scales of justice have tilted strongly towards Kyle Reitenhaus.

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