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Another one goes.

Another one goes.
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Shoei Ohtani is the best baseball player. Mike Trout is the best pure baseball player. Juan Soto, the best hitter in baseball, and as much as I love Mike Trout … he’s not around. Juan Soto is doing something that Trout never did. In Juan Soto Last 40 games, His OPS is 1.253 and batting average is .386. Throughout Mike Trout’s entire career, one of the best starts in the career that the baseball world has begun, he has never achieved such a feat. Trout done Several examples Where he has recorded more than 1.2 OPS, but he has never done so while maintaining a batting average of more than .380.

This continuity of Soto is ridiculous.

The Washington Nationals are not going to play-off in 2021. Although the team had a small chance to reach the post-season at the close of the trade deadline, the team officially acknowledged the season when they Max Scherzer and Treya Turner did business with the Dodgers July 30 – Two of their biggest superstars were sent to the opposite side of the country. However, the National Organization has made it abundantly clear Soto can’t be found For trade negotiations, and that decision paid off extensively and immediately. Since the end of the trading period, Soto has been dropping .378 / .555 / .669 for an OPS of 1.37, 11 home runs, 34 RBIs, and a surprising 59 walks. He has walked more than once in every game for almost two months! It’s more than just the eyes of a good batsman. That is fear. That anti-bejesus managers are afraid of them. That respect from the opposition pitcher.

From the time of the trade, here is a list of statistics that Juan Soto Major League Baseball leads everyone In heaters with the presence of at least 160 plates:

BB% (28.0 percent)

Batting Average (.378)

Base based percentage (.555)

WOBA (.496)

War (3.4)

wRC + (212)

BB / K (2.46)

WPA / LI (3.47)

RAR (34.3)

O-swing% (14.5%)

That’s a lot of statistics, and they’re all very positive. Although I would like to take a moment to look more deeply towards the end. O-swing% is an indication of what percentage of the pitch is swinging outside the strike zone. Its 14.5 percent mark since the beginning of August, 4.6 percent lower than the next closest player on the list, Joey Gallo (19.1 percent). That’s one Huge The difference I think is that plate discipline is extremely valuable. If a heater has an extraordinary eye, which will force the pots to be thrown into the wheelhouse of that heater. If you swing on pitches outside the zone, you will be able to foul them, because you are not going to communicate very well on those pitches. Soto avoided that move altogether, and the incredible discipline played a major role in how Noto doubted how Soto was able to make 59 walks in less than two months.

A huge belief in the baseball world is that high fastball, in a pitcher count, is everyone’s kryptonite. When the heater sees a ball high in the zone between the bad balls, they naturally assume that the pitcher will throw dirt at them. Why would they throw something straight into the count? The heater assumes that the callus has missed its place and the pitch is about to descend into the zone. However, once they decide to swing the heater, it is too late for them to realize that the pitch is not breaking, and usually do not have the speed of the bat for their high range. This leads to a lot of swing and miss. A great player like Mike Trout, high fastball is one of his only weaknesses. She This has greatly improved From the beginning of his career, but when it comes to confronting Angels Slugger, it’s still quite a pitcher’s strategy.

In 2021, Mike Trout high percent pitch high and tight, 2 percent pitch up and middle and 50 percent pitch up and away. Most of these whips come from fastball. Good pitchers don’t leave things off-speed in the zone, so we can safely assume that most of these whips are from fastballs. Those percentages are Maximum in any area of ​​the strike zone Against Trout. This was also the case with trout in 2020, 201, 201, and 2016. So, even after Trout supposedly fixed “his biggest weakness” in 2015, pitchers still prefer to go after Trout with fastballs in the zone. This strategy does not work in Juan Soto.

Although Juan Soto struggles to make contact with the high pitches of the zone, he usually does not sway towards them. Mike Trout has made a total of 1 whit on the high pitch of the zone in 2021. He has played in 36 matches. Soto has whipped on 32 pitches in 142 matches. Since the beginning of August, he has not played a single fastball in the zone. This is a game changer. When a callus go-to technique doesn’t work, everything changes. How are you supposed to get this guy out? He doesn’t swing on the pitch outside the zone at all. He doesn’t read for the oldest joke in the book, and when you challenge him, Soto .378 90.9 percent communication rate On the inner pitch of the zone. Not around him.

Juan Soto’s warm spread may not be as glamorous as Bryce Harper’s 17 home runs or Salvador Perez’s MLB home run to rise to the top of the leaderboards. However, I would argue that it has become more impressive. I’m not saying that Soto deserves the NL MVP award, but perhaps more attention should be paid to it. Race is widely considered a A race of two people Between Harper and Fernando Tatis, but at the end of the season Soto has become so strong that any big statistician would look at this stretch and be amazed at how good the hitter Juan Soto is. The man is only 22 years old. He is nowhere near his physical head, but the world is better prepared, because when he… we may not be ready for that kind of domination.

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