Josh Howley fell flat on his face as he questioned the DHS secretary


Josh Howley tried to push a false narrative.


“I don’t want to interrupt,” Howley said You. Our time is very limited. I want to be sure that I am Understand, 200,000 boundaries Directly facing the two Months, a record in decades For decades, and you say Am I this success? Are you happy What’s happening at the border now? “

Second Mayorkas, “Senator, I said then and I say now, we have a plan. We are implementing our plan and We must do so. “

Howley continued to try, “But you just testified that it was Work I’m trying to understand. Is it a success? Are you telling me that it is Success? “

Mayorkas corrected Howley, “Senator, we are not finished In implementing our plan. I never proposed otherwise. We are continuing that work We need to do it to be safe Our borders. It is an ongoing process and In fact we are doing it effectively. “

Howley clearly didn’t hear, “Are you happy with yourself? Progress? “

Myorcas hugged him and said, “Senator, we need to Better and we need to do more And we are committed to doing So and so we are doing. ”

The Senate hearing was about the threat to homeland security, but Josh Howley was trying to force the Biden administration into a narrative about not taking issues at the border seriously, and he failed miserably.

It’s hard to believe that Howley sees himself as someone who is capable of winning the presidency when he can’t successfully deliver a message at a Senate hearing.

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