John Gruden’s racist email, Kiri received a gift from NYC

This crazy boy.
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We’ve reached a point where none of these bullshits come as a surprise. It’s just tiring.

Title: “A mother takes action after keeping her 5-year-old child in school chalkhold”

Not that the school resource officer would have had a long list of acceptable reasons for doing so, but of course in this case the reason was not close to being valid: the boy “sang too loudly in Spanish class and didn’t want to” would not stop. ”

Then there are ProPublica’s report Adolescent “justice” in Ranford County, Tennessee, including children under the age of eight Arrested and imprisoned for being a spectator in a fight among others over the years Kids

It’s out of silence, but more for the pile. And when the larger world is like this, it’s certainly not surprising to get news like sports Jim cut Making a slanted reference to slavery and then apologizing for it in the middle of a play-off broadcast. Or revelation That’s a 2011 email, John Gruden called NFLPA leader Demris Smith “Damboris” and talked about the shape of his lips, an old trope as a racist.

The Riders Gave a statement That they hope to get rid of the Gruden affair under the rage, which they will be able to do with the next horrible news about someone else, probably before the weekend, because that’s how it goes.

Remember Urban mayor? Yes, he’s still the Jaguars coach, which is okay. If you’re going to hire the mayor first, knowing what we already know about him, you’re not going to dismiss him for being caught on camera for some dumb tactics at the restaurant. Losing his credibility in the locker room may be the result of his pathetic efforts to explain why you fired him, but he had no credibility to start in the NFL and neither did Jaguar.

So the excited bulls all go on day after day, in sports and in the world, and sometimes at the same time, like New York City Kiri allows Irving Practicing with the net in Brooklyn, though he remained irresistible, because the team’s practice court – which is named after a hospital – considered it a private office. Irving still can’t play games in the public space of a New York basketball court, but will he now have another chance for the net to make the coronavirus case groundbreaking?

All right. It’s a surprising and provocative story for another day down the street.

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