John Gruden will have to face real discipline for racist remarks

John Gruden will face real consequences if the NFL or Mark Davis does enough work on their supposed commitment to riders inclusion.
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Another day, another fanatic begged the worker and bit him in the ass. This time John Gruden, who never thought he would see the light of day when he made racist remarks in a letter a few years ago.

According to a report by Andrew Beaton The Wall Street JournalJohn Gruden, head coach of the Las Vegas Riders, used a racist description of Demris Smith, president of the NFL Players Association, in an email to former Washington GM Bruce Allen. Gruden, who worked for ESPN at the time, sent the message to Allen during the 2011 NFL lockout.

“Damboris Smith has the shape of Michelin on his lips [sic] Tire, ”Gruden wrote.

Being a 58-year-old white man in America and having no knowledge about the racial impact of describing a black person in this way? That’s nonsense. You can miss me with that nonsense. Gruden knows exactly what he did. He knew the history, impact and context when sending that email. The ethnic trope used to describe Smith is Gruden Compatible with racist cartoons of Mami, Aunt Jemima and Disney Use Black anti-image Back in the 1920s.

“I was disappointed.” Gruden said This week. “I’ve used a horrible way to explain it.”

“I do not think he is dumb. I don’t think he’s a liar, “he told WSJ. “I don’t have ethnic bones in my body, and I’ve proven it for 58 years.”

So Gruden doesn’t think Smith is dumb. Okay, he got angry and went overboard. But apparently Gruden has sided with his “lip michelin tire shape” remark – there was no mention of it in his apology, explaining how he used the word “rubber lip” in the past, as well as what he thought he lied. This certainly does not prove that Gruden has “no ethnic bones in his body”, as he claims.

Of course, the NFL has condemned the comments of one of their most popular coaches for the past two decades, as if their own moral compass has finally led them in the right direction. Gruden should call the NFL, ESPN, and anyone who is sick by this attitude towards people of color and other minorities in this country.

“John Gruden’s email insulting DeMaris Smith is horrible, disgusting and completely contrary to NFL standards,” he said. Said league spokesman Brian McCarthy. “We condemn the statement and regret that its publication could have harmed Mr Smith or anyone else.”

Riders also released a statement about Gruden’s comments, confirming that he was very careful to pass the money on, making it clear that he was not employed by the team when sending the message.

It is especially frightening to see this kind of thing happen to riders. Under the direction of Al Davis, the Raiders were known for inclusion and diversity. The group has always been known for giving ethnic minorities and women high-opportunities.

Davis appointed Tom Flores to replace John Madden in 1979, making Flores the league’s first minority head coach. In 1989, Davis appointed Art Shell as the first black head coach in the history of professional football. And Davis named a woman as Team CEO in 1997, Amy Trask. Davis wouldn’t give a damn that Gruden’s comments came before he worked for the Raiders – I don’t believe he’s going to be okay with anything like this.

The responsibility now lies with the current Riders owner – Mark, son of Davis – and, ultimately, the NFL. Even if the Raiders do nothing to discipline Gruden, the league can and should take some kind of disciplinary action. If they are as committed to diversity and inclusion as they claim, this is a good opportunity to prove it. Send her ass home for a few games. Send her ass home for the rest of the season. Show us this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, no matter what the watch. As head coach, Gruden represents the NFL. Protect the hair. Isn’t that the NFL’s slogan? Well, this is a horrible look for ield. That is, if they are genuinely concerned with inclusion and diversity.

For this Dimris Smith, He chose the high road in response to this story.

“This isn’t the first racist comment I’ve heard and it probably won’t end.” Smith said The Wall Street Journal. “It’s a thick skin job for someone with dark skin, just as it always has been for a lot of people who look like me and work in corporate America. Speaking and writing using thinly coded and racist language.

“This kind of racism comes from the fact that I’m at the same table as them, and they don’t think anyone who looks like me belongs to them. I’m sorry my family had to see something like this, but I rather they know. I define it as my definition. I will not let you. ”

In the coming days and weeks, NFL fans will be there to see how the NFL handles this story. It also came out that Gruden made disrespectful remarks about Commissioner Roger Goodell In the same 2011 email. The exact comments that Gruden made about Goodell have not been released (yet), but they will eventually be “leaked”. But that’s probably what the NFL needs to take care of.

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