Joe Biden’s head of commerce has resigned after Kamala Harris left the administration

Just a day after Joe Biden’s communications chief resigned, Kamala Harris’s commerce director announced that he was leaving the administration.

It is the second White House staffer to leave in a week amid reports of unrest and poll numbers for both Biden and Harris.

On Friday, Emma Riley tweeted, “It’s a privilege and privilege to serve Potash and the American people at the White House.” “I’m excited to be able to walk down Pennsylvania Ave and travel around the country [Department of Labor] Secretary Marty Walsh “

Running: Big Breaking: Republicans in Pennsylvania Senate will identify groups for forensic audit of 2020 election results

Ashley Etienne, Kamala Harris’ communications director, was recently reported to be leaving the administration in December to pursue “other opportunities.”

Ashley Etienne’s departure comes just days after CNN reported tensions between Tim Biden and Tim Harris.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie released a statement on Twitter on Sunday night after CNN reported earlier in the day that she had defended Kamala Harris, describing the “exciting, tense relationship” between Tim Biden and Tim Harris – something that Jack Posobic has been reporting exclusively for months. Coming up with “White House Shed War.”

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