Joe Biden mentions Trump 24 times during his campaign in Virginia (video)

Donald Trump is apparently living a rent-free life on Joe Biden’s head.

When Biden was campaigning for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, he mentioned Trump less than 24 times.

What Biden doesn’t realize is that it makes him look weak, not Trump.

New York Post report:

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Who’s running, Joe? Va. For McAuliffe. Biden has said ‘Trump’ 24 times during the stumps

President Biden seemed determined to side with former President Donald Trump in the Virginia Stump speech of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe for governor on Tuesday.

In a quick, 17-minute speech in a park near the Pentagon in North Virginia, Biden mentioned Trump 24 times, trying to use the legacy of his predecessor to hit Republican Glenn Yankin, who was tied with McAuliffe in a state election. Just 10 points a year ago.

Trump did not campaign for Yankin or support him in the race.

But Virginia’s sharp rivalry with Yankin has become a test of Biden’s political strength ahead of next year’s midterm elections and a possible rematch with Trump for the presidency in 2024 – and it’s time to call off Biden’s approval rating and vote on key issues.

“I ran against Donald Trump. Terry is running against an Achilles of Donald Trump, ”Biden said, condemning the former president and accusing him of insulting former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Sen. John McCain, as well as inciting the January 6 Capitol riots.

Watch the video below:

Biden calls himself so smog and full.

Someone has to show him his absolutely tanking poll number.

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