Joe Biden doesn’t understand vaccine mandate opposition: ‘I don’t get it right’

On Thursday, President Joe Biden promoted the vaccine mandate for business, but did not understand why so many Americans felt they were violating their freedom.

Biden said, “I have tried my best to vaccinate people,” frustrated that such a massive push has taken place.

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Biden on vaccine mandate: ‘It’s patriotic, doing the right thing’

The president spoke about the vaccination mandate during the Illinois stop. That state has stricter restrictions on vaccine requirements than other states in the Middle East.

In a lengthy speech on how vaccine requirements are ‘economic stimulus’, Biden sought to address those who oppose the vaccine order.

Biden acknowledged that making the vaccine mandatory was not his “first instinct.” But the president also said it was important for most Americans to be vaccinated.

“Yes. Some objections,” Biden said. “And some object very strongly, and some are making a political statement from this issue.”

The president added, “It’s about life and death, it’s about him … it’s about being patriotic, doing the right thing.”

Biden then said he did not resist and said his mandate was “nothing new”.

“I don’t really understand it, you know why, like ‘going to school, or not violating your right to get a job,’ but now it’s a big reason? Biden asked.”

“Look, I know the need for vaccinations is difficult, sad, unpopular with some, politics for others, but they’re life-saving, they’re game-changers for our country,” Biden said.

Biden argued that vaccines should be made compulsory to get businesses back on track for economic growth.

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Biden even mentioned that a vaccine order was needed for Fox News.

“I always come out of Fox News,” Biden said. “Fox News needs vaccinations for all their employees.”

“Give me a break. Fox News,” Biden scoffed.

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