Joe Biden, Democrats angry after Senate Republicans block Democrats’ ‘voting rights’ bill

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday held a vote on a motion calling for clutter in Democrats’ Right to Vote.

The open debate required 60 votes – the Senate voted 49 to 51.

Senate Republicans have poured cold water on Democrats’ bills, and Joe Biden is angry.

The Democrats’ voting bill would be a federal takeover of the election and would remove voter IDs, force 37 states to accept automatic voter registration (which could be invalidated), and allow states to allow criminals to vote.

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Biden attacked Republicans shortly before the vote in a statement:

The U.S. Senate must work to protect the sacred constitutional right to vote, which has been the subject of relentless attacks by Big Lai and Republican governors, state secretaries, attorney-generals, and supporters of state legislatures across the country.

It’s urgent. Democracy – America’s life – is at risk.

Today, the Senate Democrats will want to start a debate on the Freedom of the Vote Act Senate Democrats have worked hard to ensure that the bill traditionally includes bipartisan provisions. But Senate Republicans are likely to block the debate on the bill, as they did in previous voting rights bills. It’s unreasonable.

The right to vote – to vote freely, to vote fairly and to count your votes – is fundamental. It should be simple and straightforward. Let there be debate and let there be voting.

Schumer moved from the Senate floor against the Republicans.

“Make no mistake, blocking the Republican debate in the Senate today is the horrific new voter repression pushing conservative states across the country and the implicit approval of the Electoral Disaster Act,” Schumer said.

Orange Harris also rebuked the Republicans.

“We are not going to give up. We are not discouraged. But there is still a lot of work to be done, ”Harris told reporters.


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