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If you haven’t tried dermaplanning yet, you’ve probably at least heard of it – the first thing I’ve heard of it is mentioned everywhere in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” For those unfamiliar, “Dermplanning is basically shaving the face to exfoliate the skin and remove fine hair,” explains Dr. Had Hadley King, a dermatologist in New York City. Basically, aiming a blade at a 45 degree angle and pulling it gently on your skin you are removing dead cells, scar tissue and other debris that makes your skin surface look uneven.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that some women prefer to shave for hair removal purposes: some people want to remove velas hair, the almost invisible peach fudge on all of our faces that is often seen close-up on camera, or eyebrow and upper lip hair in control.

For many to take good skin and hair removal into their own hands, Jill, a product that is all over Tiktok and Instagram, is designed to normalize female facial shaving – to remove hair or achieve a brighter color. We examine it below.

Jill sells her signature Glow Starter Kit, which contains everything on your site to start shaving your face: Typically, you can order the kit for only 24 24.99, or get the kit and a monthly subscription to start at $ 8, plus additional razors For $ 6.80 per month. However, starting today, starting October 14, you can get a 20% discount on your purchase with the CNNJILL20 code.

  • Jill Starter Kit ($ 20, originally 24.99;
  • Jill Starter Kit + Monthly Shave Plan (6.40, basically 8, and 80 6.80 per month for subscriptions;

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The kit comes in an adorable pink tube that says “Jill” on the side. Inside, you will find two razors with different angles. There is a small blade for your eyebrows and upper lip and a wide, flat blade for your cheeks and forehead, a beautiful handle and a small cloth “gunk pad”. Jill recommends shaving your face every other week for hair removal and exfoliation, so if you subscribe you will get a new razor that is consistent with that routine – Jill strongly recommends using a razor only once.

Another thing to love about the Jill Razor system? Less plastic and waste. Instead of buying a brand new razor and throwing away the whole thing every time you shave, you’re replacing small blades before each shaving session – and it’s incredibly easy; They just pop in and out.

I follow the instructions, clean first, then apply facial oil (I used Herbivore Botanical Orchid Facial Oil; you can also use shaving cream) and tighten the facial skin and hold the razor at an angle of 5 degrees. Using short, gentle strokes, you lightly run the edge of the razor over the surface of your face towards your hair growth and then do any necessary detail work with a small blade on your eyebrows and upper lip.

(If you are feeling irritated, Dr. King advises to proceed with caution, saying, “If you have active inflammation such as eczema, acne, rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis, I will avoid dermaplanning in this area.” Also, avoid shaving any raised On the mall.)

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I’m not particularly hilarious, so the long blade didn’t really remove any hair; However, I can feel and see the dead skin removed because I hit my face with a razor. You use the given cloth “Gunk Wiper” to clean the skin and hair blades every few strokes. Since I needed an eyebrow touch, I was excited to move the small blade to that area, and it quickly removed the growing strands between my eyebrows.

I didn’t care too much after I finished shaving, because I used my regular facial oil to keep my skin slippery while shaving. Since my skin feels fresh, I use my regular gel moisturizer and start my daily makeup routine.

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Jill promises more than just hair removal, and delivers it. “Dermaplanning provides gentle physical exfoliation to the surface of the skin and it removes fine hair. It facilitates exfoliation,” said Dr King King, and while I believed him, I was not ready for the results. My skin only felt softer after one use. Done, and as Jill promises, my makeup has been much smoother.I usually spray my skin with a little Kodali Beauty Elixir and use a few drops of Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint for coverage and it goes away so easily!

One of the concerns I had when trying the gel system was what it would do for my hair follicles. In particular, if I try to remove it, will I grow more hair? Jill doesn’t say, and Dr. King agrees. “It simply came to our notice then. Hair characteristics are determined by the hair follicles and you are not changing their genetic programming by shaving. I think people believe it because of their experience after shaving, which is because of the cut ends of the hair. ”

If you are looking for an easy way to deal with facial hair at home, or if you want to do your exfoliation game, the Jill system is a great option. Since using the first Jill Long Blade, my skin feels soft and icy and I continue to use smaller blades on my eyebrows. I’ll probably see a professional to make my eyebrows and skin look longer, but in spa visits, Jill stays as part of my monthly routine.

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