Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a sweet moment after her show

Jennifer Lopez performed on stage at a Central Park for the Global Citizen Live concert event on Saturday night. Her set included hits from “If You Have My Love” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, followed by LL Cool J and Ja Rule’s “I’m Real” and “At It It’s Funny.”

Continuing the theme of the favorite throwback, Lopez left the event with her new ex-boyfriend, Ben Affleck. Affleck Lopez was seen assisting as he walked up the stairs from the venue as he wore a silver stiletto and a pair of motorcycle boots:

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J. Lore’s post-show look was much more casual when he stepped on stage in a black jumpsuit to immerse the decolletage with ornate sequined appliqus.

Jennifer Lopez

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Affleck was not seen coming to the event, and of course watching from a personal location. The couple was quiet after a great appearance at the 78th Venice International Film Festival earlier this month and then at the Met Gala. This is the first time Affleck has recently been seen clean-shaven, which is said to be for a new film project.

During her acting career, Lopez made some new debut – a song from her upcoming film, Marry me.

“What do you think if I do a song that no one has heard?” He asked the enthusiastic audience. “Because it’s a special occasion, and I thought, ‘What special thing can I do?’ Pushing this song into old mistakes and finding your destiny … but tonight just for you here I want to share it with you because I feel, I feel, all I know is that we are on our way.

The song titled “On My Way” seemed to be doing well compared to its classic response. Marry me Will be in theaters on February 11th.

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