Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie Glossing Detangler is a must have hair care


Jennifer Aniston is a woman of many, many achievements. She is, of course, the “friend” of the scene-stealing actress who has starred in numerous films (while rocking a lot at the awards). She is a producer, a social worker and the mother of a dog. He’s a social media conversion expert – after joining Instagram less than a year ago, he’s gained a staggering 37.9 million followers (so far). And yes, he’s a stunningly beautiful 52-year-old who is seemingly denying the aging process.

Regardless of all these things, though, Aniston will forever and always be synonymous with outstanding hair. Outside of “The Rachel” which inspired 11 million women to replicate 90 million layers of cuts, Aniston’s hair was always flawless, was too long and blonde in the 2000s or was effortlessly played avy-eyed and impeccably highlighted. ” The current season of “The Morning Show”.

The point is: Aniston is an international hair icon. And with street credits like this, it’s no surprise that the actress took a special course and took her new hair line, especially as the founder and creator of Lolavi. Will the first product of the direct-to-consumer brand come on the market? The ট 25 multitasker The Glossing Detangler, aimed at not only damaging but also repairing existing hair loss and protecting it from future damage while simultaneously smoothing and adding shine.

Like Aniston, I like something that solves multiple problems for me at once, simplifies – and speeds up! – My daily beauty routine. So, I’ve tried LolaVie – here’s what I thought:


“This project has been working for a long time and I am very excited to finally introduce it to you,” Aniston wrote on her Instagram earlier this month to launch her new brand. “So much hard work from our incredible team went into making this line এবং and we’re really proud to say that it was made without all the bad stuff … we’re paraben-free, silicon-free, sulfate-free, phalate-free, gluten-free.” Free, vegetarian … and of course cruel-free, because we love our animals. (Funny fact: Aniston’s friends refer to her as Lola!)

And if the brand’s first release sounds like a Hero product to you, it should be, because that’s exactly what Aniston was going to do. “I wanted to find a product that was multifaceted,” he told Forbes. “It was about finding out how we can get universal-a heat preserver, providing vitamins and nutrients and brightness and helping with overall bounce and fullness.”

My initial thoughts about Glossing Datangler: The packaging feels… A-list. Modeling after Aniston’s personal aesthetics, the rectangular shaped bottle of Glossing Detangler is black and white, with a sleek, small-print font, and the result is something that is simple but absolutely brilliant at the same time.

My second immediate observation? The product smells like spa. Even before I first sprayed it, I could smell many natural ingredients in Detangler, including lemon, chia seeds, bamboo, a super fruit complex, and vegetable ceramide. Basically, it’s similar to a perfume you’ll find in a fancy salon that shares the product’s smooth silhouette that immediately feels luxurious – and something like Aniston will have its own beauty arsenal.

Next up was actually the detangler test. I followed Lolavi’s recommendation by spraying my towel-dried hair and then combing it across. My hair isn’t thick per se, but I have a lot of it, which can do a job of brushing. After spraying Detangler once, however, I was able to comb all my hair in a few seconds, and then I went about my normal routine with the help of Revlon One-Step Volumeizer and Hair Dryer.

Glossing datangler


Glossing datangler

The result was hair that definitely looked brighter and bouncer than usual and it also smelled great. And knowing that I had a protector in my locks (Revlon One-Step must get hot and your hair can get stiff) brought some great peace of mind to me during the blow-dry.

But the real test was on my girls. I got a 9 year old and a 4 year old, both of whom have curly curly, thick hair. Trying to scratch them with locks at night after bathing and showering is a terrible job for the three of us, often leading to tears. Although I was excited to try Lollavi on my own based on the promise of bright, smooth and protection, I definitely wanted to see how isolated Sprati was actually through my girls.

The first was a 4-year-old, whose shoulder-length hair often resembled the nest of a tangled rat at the end of the day. After bathing her and washing her hair, we met in the bathroom with mutual hesitation. “A famous actress invented this delicious scented spray so that tangles can be bye-bye and easy pesky brushing,” I told her. She stared at me in the mirror in disbelief. I went ahead and sprayed from root to edge, and I didn’t kid you, her hair was tangled and combed completely in 30 seconds. This is a process that usually takes five minutes or more and is associated with the aforementioned crying / screaming / running away. The result was the same for my eldest daughter, whose long curls reached the middle of her back তার her hair was combed and untangled in a minute, and she never stopped screaming, “Mom, this is the worst!” Or “Why do we have to do this ?!” Seriously, spray that well; It really works to pull the fastest parting out of knotted, matted, messy hair.


While the kids are probably not Aniston’s target audience, they tend to get the worst tangles out there, so if Lollavi’s Glossing Datangler can easily handle my daughter’s indecent hair, you can be sure that you can deal with whatever you’ve got.

Aniston hasn’t announced what’s next for Lolavi, but considering the quality and effectiveness of the brand’s first drop, he can rely on me in the first row for the next product.

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