Jeff Bezos pledges 1 1 billion to save through Bezos Earth Fund

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the co-founding of The Climate Pledge at the National Press Club on September 19, 2019 in Washington.

Paul Morigi | Getty Images | Amazon

Jeff Bezos on Monday pledged ড 1 billion in grants this year, focusing on conservation efforts.

The pledge comes through the Bezos Earth Fund, which Amazon’s founder and chairman launched in 2020 to implement his ১০ 10 billion pledge to fight climate change. The Bezos Earth Fund has pledged to provide about ১ 1 billion a year to activists, scientists and other groups working to tackle the global climate crisis, with a goal of spending ১০ 10 billion by 20 activists.

Following this year’s focus on conservation, the fund said it wants to support efforts surrounding landscape restoration and food system transportation in the coming years.

The latest grants will be used to create, expand, manage and monitor protected and protected areas, the Bezos Earth Fund said in a statement. To begin with, the fund plans to focus on the Congo Basin in Central Africa, the tropical Andes, and the tropical Pacific Ocean, all of which are major sources of biodiversity and carbon reserves, or the amount of carbon stored in plants, soils, and things in the oceans.

Bezos said in a statement, “The natural world 500 years ago is no better than it is today, when we enjoyed bare forests, clear rivers and the ancient winds of the pre-industrial era.” “We can and certainly can reverse this inconsistency.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Bezos Earth Fund says gifts will be a priority in areas where local communities and indigenous peoples are the main focus of conservation programs.

Earlier this month, the fund said it would pay ওয়ার 203.7 million to companies advancing climate justice, among other factors, by the end of the year. It then provided গত 791 million in grants last year to 16 organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, the Natural Resources Conservation Council and nature conservation.

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