Jax.Network Unveils Blockchain Co-Discoverer, Dr. Adviser W. Sterneta in His Advisory Team

As the competition for blockchain solutions heats up, more and more crypto projects are throwing their hats into the ring. The efforts of some blockchain projects cannot be overemphasized. The impact of Bitcoin on the market has eased the unparalleled indexal growth that the crypto industry has enjoyed over the past decade. This increase despite the new flaws in cryptocurrency. Although Bitcoin’s dominance by market capitalization has gradually diminished over time, its hold on the future of blockchain technology has always been strong.

Jax.Network enters the race, and it has been moving forward since it first appeared on the scene. The latest news from the camp is that WW Scott is joining the Sterneta Jax Network as a project consultant.

Why Jax.Network?

Jax.Network is a scalable blockchain protocol that anchors the bitcoin blockchain that runs on a proof-of-work consensual mechanism. Jax.Network solves the blockchain trilogy that plagues the blockchain network through its four building blocks. It uses a specific merge-mining technique that allows miners to dig multiple shirts simultaneously while rewarding them in proportion to their contribution. It is also an open source project. Therefore, other developers can also create projects on the protocol, which contributes to the growth of the network. Jax.Network issues two domestic currencies, JAX and JXN, which act as stable and speculative assets, respectively.

Jax.Network, which is already proud of an impressive international line-up, continues to add more respected names to its team. As part of the team’s effort to create a hashtag-based stablecoin, it is one of the main lights of the space. W has turned into sternator services. He came on board as an advisor.

Introducing Blockchain Pioneer – WW. Sterneta

Dr. W. Dr. His work, in collaboration with Stuart Haber, where he first mentioned a digital time-stamp to track blockchain and transactions, was implemented in Satoshi’s Bitcoin Blockchain Vision. After receiving the Discover Award for computer software in 1 work 2, he had a job in the New York Times in 1 work 5. He holds a PhD. In Physics from Stanford University. He is also an alumnus of MIT, Harvard and Brigham Young University. These days, Dr. W.

He will share his skills and experience with Jax.Network, a company that was founded in 2001 and has been improving ever since. Dr. W. Work

Dr. W.W. His record as an artisan and experience in the blockchain field proves that he knows a worthy project when he sees one.

Any project in the blockchain space Sternator will benefit from knowledge and skills. Jax.Network’s advisory team finds itself in this alluring position with Dr. St Sternter. While we expect a formal opening, there is good reason to be optimistic that it will be worth the wait.

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