Jane Saki turns the tables and reveals Fox and Peter Dusi to make the police less secure.

Jane Sackie turned the tables on Peter Ducey’s vaccine mandate question and showed how Fox News is endangering the police.


Peter Dusi tried to argue that there are other problems in the world besides Covid, “but there are other problems Gang in the world than Kovid-1 than Violence, murder, arson. ”

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie returned with a question, “What was the number one reason? Deaths among police officers Last year? You know what Covid 19. So that’s it Something that we are working on Address, and if you look Seattle, which has been Reporting Force2% police force Vaccinated 99% of Seattle’s 11,000 The staff submitted the vaccine Verification. “

Dusi continues to claim that the vaccine order is making America less secure, “but all these problems, Murder, robbery, no worries That if the police force is compressed or Ready military size United that the energy is compressed States that do not have localities Properly equipped to deal with With it. ”

Psyche reminded Dusi that Covid is the biggest crisis for police in the United States, “Peter, more than 700,000 People have died in Kovid. The number one cause of death Within the police department and Police officer. This is something we should do Take it seriously. Trying to save sections People And for whom it works They, we support that effort, And there has been success All over the country Respect “

The vaccine mandate keeps police safe. It’s Peter Dusi and Fox News who are putting them in danger.

Police, along with other first responders, line up their personal safety every day, and COVID-19 adds more danger to a dangerous job. The vaccine mandate for first responders and other government employees keeps them safe when they communicate with the public.

Biden and local officials did not call for danger. It is misinformation and distorted claims that COVID has the freedom to get and spread what is being spread by Fox News that makes America weaker, less secure and puts lives at risk.

Jane Saki turned the tables to show that Peter Dusi and Fox News were a danger to the police.

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