Jane Saki turns the tables and nails Republicans for not supporting the infrastructure

Republicans had an easy time doing this as the media focused on Democrats, but Jane Psyche reminded the press that Republicans could also support the infrastructure bill.

Psaki’s video:

Psyche said, “Every member of Congress An independent citizen who can vote To support this infrastructure Bill, including Republicans. They may come to support it. Instead, they chose to be Influenced by or strong-armed Lead them. It is only a majority to support Law in Congress, and we Didn’t see real courage In the house there. “

White House Press Secretary later whipped House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy against the bill:

Later in the same press briefing, Saki asked whether Speaker Pelosi was seeking a Republican vote to pass the infrastructure,1 senator voted Infrastructure bills and assistance Bilateral infrastructure The way forward, and has been Republicans in the House Express support or interest Infrastructure bill, But there is Kevin McCarthy It has been flogged. This is a good question for him Why and why not these members Oppose it, but I think the speaker Pelosi is not betting Caucasus at this time. ”

Republicans have received a free pass to oppose the very popular infrastructure law.

Press Secretary Psaki raises a great point. Republicans can’t stop voting for infrastructure if they want to. They obviously don’t want to, but Democrats will be happy to take credit for the popular steps they will take in their states and districts.

Republicans in the media should be asked why they oppose something that many Americans want to label as a Democrat vs. Democrat conflict rather than misrepresenting the process.

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