Jane Saki took the news from Fox because Peter Dusi hysterically claimed that pregnant women were lying on the border.

Peter Dusi of Fox News tried to provoke anti-immigrant sentiment and made bizarre attacks on pregnant women but Jane Saki shot him dead.


Peter Dusi said, “You say The borders are not open, but we are As told by our team The basis on which you are releasing a lot All units of the family, couples Where the woman says she is Pregnant, or unmarried women Those who say they are pregnant. Which no one actually has Until the pregnancy test Tafg. “

Psyche, the White House press secretary, asked, “What are you advising me not to do?” Women say they believe Pregnant, and it’s a big one The problem is we think at the border? “

Dusi went on the whole Fox News, “I’m not in charge To secure the border. You. “

Psaki, “You think of pregnant women Big threat at the border Within the border community. Do you think this is a big problem? “

Dusi put it, “You tell me.”

Finally, Psaki puts an end to Doocy’s anti-pregnancy women’s fever dreams, “I don’t know if pregnant A big concern for women People at the border. I’ll know for you, Peter, and That’s what I said before A process if people can’t Will be expelled under Title 42 for a Range of regions. They are a part of it Or come from another country, Including Mexico, may not accept Families under children Age seven. “

Psaki explained, “They put in the removal That process requires them Either get stuck The benefits will be what they need Get a notice to appear, and Including biometric provisioning Information, and otherwise so that we We can make sure we know where They have, and we confirm it We know when they will come In the back. So that’s what the process is. If there is a big anger Pregnant woman, I’m not It is being tracked. ”

Fox News thinks pregnant women are lying in the south and spreading covid.

Republicans like Governor Greg Abbott have been blaming immigrants for the spread of COVID in the South for months, so Dusier’s attempt to blame immigrants for the spread of COVID was an increase in misleading information, but his particularly bizarre claim was that pregnant women were a big problem at the border. .

Ducie was playing in the old racist Republican trope of pregnant women who were coming to the United States to pick up their babies.

Jane Saki wasn’t getting it, and Dossey and Fox News highlighted the prejudice, racism, and ugliness that is being portrayed.

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