Jane Psyche left after advising Biden to be like Trump

A New York Times reporter tried to reinforce the claim that Biden was pulling from Trump’s playbook and unloading Jane Saki.

Psyche was asked, “T.Here’s a number The latter says several things Allies in those weeks The president is describing him Like Trump. Less than that But in terms of personality Policy Still represents today The Cuban government is describing Disappointment with the President Continue to maintain Trump The principles of the era are basically Cuba. What of the President Feedback? What does he accept in some cases? He agrees with the policy Former President? “

The White House press secretary did not have:

So, look. I could take each of these On Afghanistan. A blow to the former president Agreement without Afghans Government which we have heard The military yesterday Leads to dematerialisation Afghan security forces And the Afghan government. We also released 5,000 Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan. I would say the president has taken it A quite different approach and Which brought an end to the previous war The president did not finish The American people firmly Supports.

Since it’s related to August I’m not that Not sure what they are Mention, they Comparison of current work To partners? From Australia, United Kingdom Come to an agreement that will Help provide a security Important part of the world. In the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Priority to get out of The war in Afghanistan is over A place for us to spend more time Address What was the last? Immigration?


Title 42 Public Health, A public health requirement. A, because we Through an epidemic, by Way, we used to make Progress was earlier The president actually addressed Epidemic and not recommended People give bleach injections. I think we are in a different situation Place I am happy to discuss more Example I think people will be under a lot of pressure Arguing with the President Which direction did it take? Playbook of the former President and Use it as its own model.

The corporate media is desperate for Trump’s return

Trump has consistently attacked the corporate media, such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, both of which have seen double-digit traffic declines without Trump trying to increase their profits by using them as foils.

The Times has been talking nonsense to Biden for weeks like Trump.

Jane Saki shot it in that moment that will always be memorable for Trump. Trump asked Americans to give bleach injections. Trump sowed the seeds of an ongoing epidemic with his lies and misinformation, and the Trump nation is still struggling.

Joe Biden is nothing like Donald Trump.

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