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On September 22, the team behind the Wallstreetbets defi application called Wsbdapp announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) collection featuring 15,000 generative NFTs. According to the team, NFTs provide utilities like VIP access to special metavers events and improve farming.

The Wsbdapp project has launched the NFT collection

In the first week of September, News reported on the Wall StreetBates (wsbdapp) platform, which allows users to transact with Decentralized Exchange (DEX) via the Decentralized Money (DF) protocol.

The project was partnered with Defy Project Balancer a few days later, and this week, Wall StreetBates (WSB) Defy Project began collecting non-fungible tokens (NFT). Zim Rogozinsky, WSB’s founder and strategic partner in the Wsbdapp project, has been offering free WSB memes to the public for some time.

“The Wall StreetBates community has been coming up with free memes for a long time; Apple should pay everyone royalties for rocket and diamond emojis right now, ”Rogozinsky said in a statement sent to

“That’s why we’ve brought together a global team of artists, producers, DFI pioneers and blockchain fanatics to create an NFT experience that combines the culture and creativity that the community showed last year.” The founder of WSB continues:

We are proud to launch the Diamond Hands Pass NFT collection as we enter new frontiers in DF and create offers that can help regular people own their financial future. And cool art.

Raphael tickets and ‘Diamond Hands Pass NFT’

According to the WSB, NFT statistics will include:

  • 30,000 NFT raffle tickets
  • 15,000 Diamond Hands Pass NFTs
  • 153 unique artwork features
  • 40,600,560 unique possibilities

The project team has also revealed that Genesis Diamond Hands NFT can unlock certain benefits.

The WSB team revealed, “There are 15,000 hand-made NFTs, each with unique qualities and some desirable rarity.” “In fairness, WSB is introducing a 1,000,000 raffle ticketing system that allows participants to mint five raffle tickets for each wallet. Once all tickets are sold out or the minting window is closed, the draw will be randomly selected by a computerized selection process. All non-winning raffle tickets will be refunded.

Each Diamond Hands NFT will be a handmade generative art and owners of the Diamond Hands Pass will only be able to enter members’ Discord Room. NFT will also benefit users by “rewarding improved yields” [the Binance Smart Chain], And premium access to Wallstreetbets events.

The Wsbdapp project is not the first defi project that adds NFT to the project’s unique defi system and it probably won’t end. Outside of the collection, NFT concepts have expanded into the realm of utility with the concepts of VIP access, raffle tickets, discounts and more. The NFT art was designed by popular artist yung.lils.

What do you think of Wall StreetBates founder and Wsbdapp project launching a collection of NFTs? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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