J-Z makes it official: This is the year of the Cartier crash

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If the record-setting at a Cartier crash auction sold for $ 225,000, or it wasn’t already clear because the camera was stuck in the manufacturer’s “LombardJack” music video, this week J-Z watch collectors cemented what they know for a while: We’re in the year of the crash. Living. Inspired by a Cartier tank damaged in a watch, the watch is said to be a purposefully oblonged double, which has become one of the warmest parts of the planet.

One of the first advocates of the watch was Kanye West – he wore a crash when he went to David Letterman’s Netflix show in 2019. Of course, the crash is not the ’cause’ of all his resurrections. Watch collectors are coming together to Cartier, known for doubling the jewelry design-forward watch. “The reason Cartier is so hot right now is because people are realizing – finally realizing that design is just as important as the complexity or other features that people usually talk about,” watchmaker and Cartier enthusiast Eric Ku told me earlier this year. This change of attitude applies to the average collector and to boys like Tyler and Hove. Also this week, more fun Cartier pieces and Dremond Green’s on-nose watch.

Karwai Tang

J-Z’s Cartier crash

While his contemporaries are drawn to traditional themed wine pieces, J-Z wears a modern version of Crash. This skeletal crash in Titanium, released in 2015, is a relative stranger to the crash line. The skeleton dial adds visual intrigue to a watch that is already in abundance. This is the area known for J-Z, which has a habit of taking very nice watches and opening several grooves.

Courtesy of Tag Heuer
Courtesy of Tag Heuer

Ryan Gosling’s tag is Heuer Carrera’s Three Hands

On Thursday night, at a Shindy in Beverly Hills, Tag Heuer introduced Ryan Gosling as their new ambassador. To celebrate the occasion, Brand’s new Carrera wears Three Hands with a sharp look at our greatest living practice. Three Hands takes the brand’s signature watch and embodies it in its essence: just a second, minutes and hours in hand and, in selected models, the complexity of the date. “I respond in general,” Gosling said GQ In an interview about his new partnership.

Michael Gonzalez
Courtesy of Cartier

Devin Booker’s Cartier tanks are asymmetrical

Remember what I said about collectors who learned to appreciate Cartier cookie designs? This week, while sitting on the courtside in a Phoenix Mercury play-off game, Booker wore Cartier’s off-center asymmetric. This model returned to the lineup last year but was originally released in 1936. It is Cartier’s power that transforms decades-old designs into modern-day smashes. Truth be told, the 30 ° tilt of the watch puts it in a perfectly numerical position when Booker is hitting its b-to-kobe fadeway.

Sedat Suna

Lewis Hamilton’s IWC Pilot’s Watch Top Song Perpetual Calendar Boutique Edition

Rely on Lewis Hamilton to wear the absolute coolest version of IWC’s Pilots Watch. This very limited edition is designed to handle Death Star. Even the small details here are great: look at the two planes flying in opposite directions at the top of the dial. This is why you always arrive for the watch with the longest name. (Just a joke!)

Cameron Brown

Draymond Green’s Epic x Chrono Black Khabib

I appreciate that Dremond Green doesn’t think about his watch collection. Her last name is Green … so she collects heavy watches on Green. This is one of Jacob & Co. and former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, joining the Green Camo Adams Pigeon in Green’s collection. “I am the root cause of love [the Audemars Piguet] Just a dark green bezel, ”Green said in an interview last year. “That piece just yells at me. It puts me in a place like this: ‘I’m green.’ “There can be no arguing with him.

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