I’ve tried Abercrombie and Fitch’s extended size offers

Let’s go to the alley of memory in the clothes of my youth. My classmates in middle and elementary high school almost exclusively wore the logo-clad clothing that I like to call “Triple A’s” (American Eagle, Aeropostel, and Abercrombie & Fitch). I did not have that luxury. It may accommodate my thick frame that whether the offer includes a lack of included sizes or my parents are unwilling to spend for a cheesy-looking T, I haven’t done these retailers frequently in my grade school years. If you told me that all would change in my adolescence, I thought you were spreading funny fantasies and long stories. However, since about 2017, Abercrombie & Fitch has been on a rebranding ride. In an effort to distance itself from its troubled past, the brand has established new leadership, improved its parts to target a more mature audience, increased in size, and created inclusive Insim options across product categories.

“We’ve really started to build relationships with our customers and those with them who felt they weren’t served by the brand in the past. Building any relationship depends on two-way communication, so we started by listening,” said Corey Robinson SVP, Head of Design & Merchandising, Abercrombie Brands, informed Refinery29 in an email. While the brand still has a way to increase its size, it has laid a solid foundation for creating very deliberately sized extensions rather than quickly grading them from straight shapes. Often, designers scale their plus-size options from straight size, not redesigning or refitting for actual plus-size body consideration. “Our goal is to make Abercrombie a brand where you not only ‘fit’, but where you are truly involved, and to do that, we deliberately take the time to study the unique concerns of each department, talk to our customers. And collaborators who wear these sizes test for fit with multiple body types and provide solutions for the body with the maximum amount within those sizes, ”explains Robinson’s new approach.

I started hearing whispers across TikTok and Instagram about the revival of A&F and the quality of clothing, so I knew I had to check it out. Abercrombie & Fitch has gifted me an assortment of their products in an extended size range, so that I can give my completely honest review of how this new era clothing is stacked up. If you’re also curious about Abercrombie’s offers, keep scrolling to read my thoughts. I’ve done the job for you, so you can find out if there’s really anything to write about at home.

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