Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Hijacked Covid Response, says the book

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has revealed that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner hijacked the country’s first major response to the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic last year in their new book.

The couple, who had no experience with government or government policy, had no business being the top adviser to then-President Donald Trump in the White House, Grisham wrote in his book, “I’ll take your questions now,” according to a quote published by Politico on Friday.

When Grisham initially served as Melania Trump’s press secretary, she came to call Jared and Ivanka ‘interns’, including the first lady, because they were annoying in our minds, right to know, “she said.

As the coronavirus epidemic – “one of the most significant crises hitting the country in a century” – emerged, “interns were really behaving,” Grisham added.

After the World Health Organization declared the first Kovid-1a epidemic in March 2020, the couple insisted at a meeting at the Oval Office that Donald Trump give a televised address to the nation.

Grisham writes, “Ivanka continues to shout, ‘But I think there should probably be an address for the nation tonight.’ “Eventually, Ivanka goes back to her strongest ally besides her father. ‘Jared, don’t you agree?’ ‘

Then the push was on. The big question: what Was Message? “

Finally, Donald Trump instructed everyone, including Vice President Mike Pence and Dr. Anthony Anthony Fauci, to get out of the cabinet room and “find out what to do,” according to the former press secretary.

Kushner, who “sat next to the U.S. vice president, led the meeting and called all the shots,” Grisham recalled.

“Every time I saw him treat senior staff members like that, that special time made me uncomfortable because it was with the vice president. It was disrespectful and I think I felt both embarrassed and disgusted, ”he added.

Despite Kushner’s power in the White House, he “was not an expert on anything he advised – closing borders, economic consequences, health consequences – yet he alone seemed to be deciding the nation’s first steps in tackling the most devastating crisis in our history.” Wrote.

Meanwhile, “Ivanka also wanted her ‘my dad’ to do it and ‘my dad’ thinks it’s a routine that makes it impossible for staff members to give the opposite opinion,” he noted.

Kushner finished writing Trump’s speech, but it contained “a number of misunderstandings and obscene words,” and it “sowed confusion,” Grisham wrote, and workers had to deal with the collapse.

Grisham said in the book that he had told Donald Trump “many times” that if he lost the re-election in 2020, it would be “because of Jared.”

“It was my firm opinion that his arrogance and conjecture grew year after year, and he threw away his power without shame,” he wrote. And when things turned out badly, he always blamed others, added Grisham, who called Kushner “Rasputin in a slim-fitting suit.”

Kushner, who was criticized by medical experts a year ago for comparing Kovid-19 to the common flu, did not end his involvement with the country’s coronavirus response to the statement. Although Pence was supposed to be in charge, he had a kind of cowardly plan with his own team.

The late Sen. Robert F.

Kennedy described in detail a poorly conducted operation to collect much-needed medical supplies, conducted by an inexperienced crew of volunteers. He said there is no vision, no strategy and no real leadership. He described the expedition as “the family office is associated with organized crime, which is associated with the ‘Lord of the Flies’.

Kushner predicted last year that New York would “suffer” with Covid, adding coldly, “This is their problem.” He said the “free market” would solve the problem and that fighting the epidemic was “not the role of the government”.

More than 400,000 Americans died in Covid during the Trump administration. As of Friday, the death toll had risen to about 700,000.

Read the full excerpt from Grisham’s book on politics here.

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