It’s time for WWE, AEW, and everyone else to move on from Rick Flair

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This is hardly a good sign when you need to To create Two attempts at a PR statement.

That’s what Rick Flair had to do after last week’s release The dark side of the ring Episode of “Plane Ride for Hell”. The show recorded the infamous 2002 flight from Europe when WWE wrestlers were overshadowed for 14 hours, due to drugs., And overly aggressive with the crew and each other, which still leads to resonant stories today.

The episode centers on the alleged attack on flyer attendant Heidi Doyle, who was extensively interviewed in this episode. Flyer was famous just for wearing her clothes and nothing else on the flight, which was in her as well 30 for 30 Documentary a few years ago. Flair’s indecent story (And frank hunters) Behavior has been good-Known for decades. It’s not really news, although hearing from Doyle – one of his survivors – is rare. Flair denies any such incident occurred. The WWE settled a lawsuit in 2004 between Doyle and another flight attendant, Taralin Capellano.

Tommy Dreamer dismisses Flair’s attack in the episode Its current place costs In the world of wrestling, and it should probably be done like Flair. And it won’t even be hard.

Flair recently left the WWE, and rumors have been circulating that he was tied for the AWE. The pieces were easy to put together. Her future son-in-law, Andrad El Idollo, who is involved with Charlotte Flair, is in the company. It just so happened that Chavo Guerrero, who was working as the manager of Android, would be away for a while and Android was removed in the story. It’s easy to see Flair’s landing spot.

But AEW doesn’t need it. The company’s pace is already growing, its popularity is growing, and on the surface it may seem like another jolt to catch the most famous wrestler of all time, it’s really hard for a company to take pictures of moving a needle. Red. Android certainly doesn’t need it, but if the company really thinks it needs a mouthpiece (it doesn’t), there are many other choices.

More importantly, Flair’s debate speaks to a wrestling culture that has shown his fans that they (mostly) want to move on. While there are still a few miles left to meet AEW’s commitments – its women’s division still needs major improvements, the diversity at the top of the men’s list needs serious help and WWE is nowhere near what it is doing at the moment – the company’s roots still come from the Indies. And in the Indus, issues like inclusion and equality are taken very, very seriously. That doesn’t mean they’ve got it right all the time, but the indie circuit has become a much bigger haven for everyone, and the whole #speakingout movement has started from wrestlers who aren’t close to the old norm. Women are fans, they are promoted as actors, and they certainly don’t have the ornaments that were in Flair’s day anymore.

Any of Flair’s documentaries or histories are mostly flooded with stories of his drinking and carousing, and most of it is quite gross. The 30 for 30 Even college begins with a story about him revealing himself at a full frat party. While Flyer’s promotions to the WCW and elsewhere in the 80s will live on forever, some of them now look quite uncomfortable, the way he speaks to women in the audience or elsewhere. Wrestling has certainly moved away from that kind of attitude.

Again, AEW was not always on board. After #speakingout, they remove Jimmy Hawk from the roster and eventually fire him. No one like Matt Riddle or Will Osprey is at the top of their roster like WWE or NJPW, but it’s still a company that has recently gone onscreen. Adam Cole threatened Tony Schiavone Cole’s girlfriend Britt hints at his friendship with Baker that Baker can’t choose his friends independently. And your mileage may vary Ruby Soho Promo To Baker “hitting some guy in the back.”

As much as they like to go back to the old WCW and NWA troupes, men out of control need them or shouldn’t. Flair may be old now, and they may not be, but he is still trading on what he was then. Theoretically (but not always in practice) AEW and big time wrestling are supposed to treat them. Female performers and fans are equal to their male counterparts. Having Flair, whose personality is at least partly built on using women as scenes and trophies, is the exact opposite. “Rick Flair” can no longer be used as a name. Flare on-screen Originally the so-called attacks of the past would be sanctioned, and it is not very difficult to guess that there is much more than those who are on this plane. Everything that comes with his name will belong to AEW or any other company Ownership, too. Why bother?

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