It’s not Green Monster’s fault that the NY Yankees lost

Going, going, thumping.

Going, going, mwYouMP.
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Believe it or not, it’s actually the Yankees’ fault. Although, if you were a bomberTwitter last night, you might think The Green Monster, which is 37 feet high on Fenway, left field wall, Bribed umpires, stole signs for the Sawks, and ran over Gerrit Cole’s hamstring with a Honda Accord.

If you missed last night’s AL Wild Card game, Giancarlo Stanton scored two runs near the house that The Monster apparently denied. The thing here, though: the monster, in all likelihood, the Yankees didn’t deny anything. Stanton’s first missile – which every commentator thought would broadcast the game – home run from the bat – traveled 345 feet, and had home runs in 0 of the 30 MLB stadiums.

345 feet left field in a ballpark called Fenway which is commonly referred to as routine pop fly in the industry. In this case, the monster actually gave Stanton a single. A single that could have been double, if he hadn’t taken so much time to appreciate his handiwork.

His second offer was a 400-foot trip, but still had 11 home runs in the ballpark. So what are you complaining about? Some Yankees fans go straight It’s the label Cheating The wall is the same height when the Red Sox are batting. To the Gorbachev of the Red Sox, they have become Ronald Reagan, telling them Break down this wall, Even stepping into MLB and being asked to do it.

My idea is that Yankees fans think every stadium should be the same and history should be cursed. MLB’s oldest stadium, opened just days after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, who cares if it denies their team? Except, as I just mentioned, it didn’t deny the Yankees anything. Then why did they lose?

Could it be that their 424 million call dropped three runs in two innings? Could it be that their pitchers walked seven? Could it be that only two of them showed heaters? Could it be that there was a big coaching mistake when they decided to send the judge home where he was a country mile – a country mile in the sense that it was the length of a small country? Of course not. It was the turn of the century architecture. Look inside, Yankees.

It is not only foolish to blame the stadium for the damage, it is hypocritical. Yankees fans, you may be crazy about the two home run giant “robbery” Stanton, but only if you’re equally military he runs a 344-foot home run in ninth place near Pesky’s pole. I can’t imagine it being a home run at many other ballpark. I will wait patiently when you write your complaint to the league.

But maybe that’s not fair. Maybe your problem is with the particularly long walls of the shallow field and you are actually consistent. In that case, it would be really embarrassing if Yankee Stadium had something that matched the exact details. If that happened then I would call it quits. “Small porch on the right. ”I must say, it’s a weird fashion choice: the decision to put eggs in your mouth.

The porch may not be as tall as the giant but it did give the Yankees a fair share of cheap home runs. Derek Jeter’s home run to win Game 4 of the 2001 World Series, one of the most iconic moments in franchise history, and “Mr. November, ”MLB Stadium will allow as short a home run as possible. If it’s in the game, it could be small … I see you still, Jeffrey Meyer.

Yankees fans, maybe you don’t hate Fenway because it’s different. Maybe you hate it because it reminds you of everything you hate about yourself. For the sake of argument, Stanton had two hit home runs. In that case the Yankees still lost, -5-5, last night.

So cry more.

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